1. Her lips have always been on the bigger side however i think with prep (and the rest of her face getting smaller) they appear even bigger compared to before

  2. Her lips have never been big until she got filler. Look at her old posts. Her top lip is naturally VERY thin.

  3. I’m aware they are larger because of lip filler but I’m saying her face leaning out is also contributing to how big they look at this very point in time

  4. I’ve never followed her but I see so much snark on her here I want to be all caught up. Is there a thread with her timeline so I know why we hate her?


  6. You can clearly see that her boobs are fake and don't hang naturally. Do her Only Fans not see that?

  7. my biggest gripe is that claire is getting credit for creating something she had nothing to do with

  8. Either Ally is here or every comment is coincidentally getting downvoted

  9. She just says whatever is convenient for her. It was convenient for her to say it’s all love when she didn’t want to come out about the affair.. but now it’s “nick is a bad guy” so her actions don’t look as bad

  10. How does she publicly disregard her paying customers? She didn’t have WiFi internet for a portion of last week in her home so she couldn’t print the shipping labels

  11. If i were a business owner, i would be prioritizing getting those shipping labels printed somewhere far before drinking and brunching with my friends. Print places, libraries or even actual shipment stores will print items for you. She’s a business owner. If i were a customer, I wouldn’t be happy.

  12. but ally posted on her story that she’s having a girls night 🤨

  13. Audrey and Shelby left to work with Will Sage. Nick is not a good coach. Shelby is in menopause and was on a lot of PEDs. I don’t think it has to do with the breakup but rather signing up with Will. I’m not sure if Will is still dating Lexi Deyoung but she is now in Houston. Pretty sure he was in the area and connected with Audrey and Shelby. I thought it wasn’t planned but they both announced working with Will the next day

  14. Lexi & Will broke up and in the past he has visited her in austin, where she lives not Houston. He’s known to be one of the best coaches for fixing hormonal / guy health issues post show so they could’ve switched from Nick to do those issues as well

  15. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t understand the obsession with other people’s relationships. There has been a lot of speculation of a couple influencers relationship statuses lately. Obviously they aren’t ready to talk to the world about it. Let them process what’s going on. Breakups suck never mind going through one with everyone asking you about it. I don’t think because they share their relationship on social media that they owe anyone an explanation.

  16. I don’t disagree but as someone whose been watching the relationship, I’m curious. They don’t owe me anything and I’m not claiming they do, but i am interested.

  17. As someone whose been keeping up with them on socials & what you guys have been saying, it’s very clear to all of us they haven’t been doing great for months. You guys talked about rumors of her getting with Chad Morgan and said everyone in Houston knew about it. If she cheated on Nick in the past, what makes us think she wouldn’t again? It’s also weird that even though she cheated on him in the past and they have been in a “rough patch” for awhile, they continued to attempt to maintain face for social media. My guess is that she cheated on him again, they tried to stay together and make it work and post on socials like they were so happy and that bubble popped. Knowing how dramatic Nick is, i don’t believe for a second this is drama free. There’s nothing wrong with drama, it’s a break up, your allowed to feel emotions that aren’t the most pleasant but all of this seems fake to me. We’ve all known they haven’t been doing well.

  18. Every time you log into a live with both of them, people are constantly asking what’s wrong with them and why they are no longer the same. It’s obvious something is up.

  19. I won’t lie, her conditioning is impressive BUT how lean her legs get everywhere besides the glute muscle just shows it’s fake.

  20. The wellness category is pretty new too so you need a coach who really understands this division. It’s not all about having big legs and a big ass. You need overall flow and symmetry between ur upper body and lower body.

  21. This is untrue. Wellness is not about symmetry between lower body & upper body. That is bikini. Wellness is literally defined by overly developed lower body in comparison to upper body.

  22. You also need some upper body development. You cannot have a small upper body and a huge lower body.

  23. Yes you need to have upper body development so u don’t look like a stick up top but the definition of wellness is having a more developed and more prominent upper body AND NO SYMMETRY. That is just the definition. It your balanced with legs like this, you would be competing in women’s physique or even women’s body building potentially.

  24. That is not entirely true. My coach NEVER asked me about PED’s or mentioned it.

  25. I wonder if your coach has any high level athletes (and if he does i bet he mentioned it to them)

  26. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I wish it was harder for bikini girls to qualify 😩 SO many make it but aren’t competitive enough to shake things up. At least Janet, Angelica, and Etila being out guarantees we’ll see some new faces in first call outs! My top 6:

  27. I don’t think this is unpopular at all! James talked about how Ashley is essentially quality control (as she took 7 shows this year) and how even the athletes dislike it.. i mean think about it the athletes pump up and peak and then need to wait for every single athlete to finish individuals prior to comparisons where they could’ve already started coming down from peak.

  28. I never noticed she had issues with her posing. Can you elaborate?

  29. It’s awful. Her quarter turns (no one else even does this), her knees are bent when it shouldn’t be, her arms are flying all over the place

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