1. Enemies: The Mad doctor The Blot Mickey Oswald Everyone else

  2. Is it just me or did this guy have somewhat of a cult following years ago? I remember seeing tons of fanart of Prescott.

  3. Bro I was nice to him ONCE and he told me he liked me, Even though before I was nice to him we had been fighting to the death, I ended up shooting him

  4. This is so true, you give a worm an inch, and he takes a mile or more. The whole thing I experienced was a rabbit hole, that plunged deeper and deeper.. I made the relationship last 5 years just to take it all away.

  5. Like that was all that happened, Dreams are another thing bro like how the hell does a dream that lasted a few minutes last 10 hours 😭

  6. He looks like one of those characters from that youtuber who makes musicals based on different games and I can't pin down his name...

  7. I think I know now. I think their name might have been LHUGENY? (not sure if i butchered that)

  8. the caterpillar thing that comes out at the end and says “father!!” (Yeah I was horrified too)

  9. Y'all are uneducated, When a creature is born from an egg it will assume the first face it sees is its parent that does not mean it's actually their child, Shrignold didn't rape Yellow and that theory alone is absolutely horrifying!!! 😫


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