1. Any legendary you might not have or need and make it shiny I got a shiny lucky zekrom from my lucky trade depending on the type of player you are but go for anything that will help in raids or pvp

  2. If you don’t have access to it you can learn to make your own from the weed you buy and decarb it and that way you can do quality control on it and figure out what dosage is good for you many tutorials on YouTube to help you out with making your own edibles

  3. Is it a problem if I don't have hydro cannon on my swampert? I don't have any elite TM right now. And also what should I run for obstagoon?

  4. Earthquake is good on swampert if you don’t have hydro and obstruct if you have it for obstagoon or hyper beam

  5. I accidentally transferred my buzzwole. it was 2 star so when I was clearing out the trash I didn't realise it was there. The other three were all 3 star if only just

  6. Damn I’m so sorry maybe you have a friend to trade with that has an extra lol might even get a lucky

  7. I still think she's valuable in ranked, I do wish she got her rez sheild back though. I know Newcastle can rez with sheild but you take him out the game temporarily while rezzing. Lifeline can hit the rez and still fight off the oncoming enemy team. Dropping the health drone for an instant health boost is valuable too.

  8. Her ultimate is good early game for the loot but late game I drop it and use it as cover honestly

  9. YouTube is your best bet for step by step instructions there’s a lot of things to use but I recommend staying away from plastic and aluminum when using to smoke

  10. It’s a one hitter you pick the short end full of flower and use the long end to inhale

  11. Probably just a bug mine does that too

  12. what does the laser sight even do i notice no difference besides a red line when im holding the gun, i dont even see anything when aiming

  13. It helps with better or accurate hipfire. When you ads you won’t see it

  14. If raid passes where like incense instead of a one time use

  15. Disappointed the end wasn’t lined up with a cloud to make it look like it was puffing lol

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