1. For my BOC favorites playlist I did my top 3 tracks from each album and my top 1-2 from the EPs, and some odds and ends.

  2. I said Picnic at Hanging Rock last time this question came up and I'll say it again

  3. Midsommar. Beautiful and pastoral, with an unsettling current just below the surface that grows until it becomes outright horror, also filled with esoteric references, symbolism, and Easter eggs.

  4. Personally when I'm looking for new music, I'm more interested in something unique and original, with its own identity, rather than something that advertises itself as a copy of another artist.

  5. The most BOC-sounding non BOC track I know of is probably this one by their former collaborator, Chris Horne (aka Christ.)

  6. am I the only one that finds this incredibly depressing?

  7. It's definitely a melancholy track. A lot of his stuff is like that.

  8. Nope, it's supposed to be for remembering and communing with the dead, not wasting resources with disposable costumes and making your kids go out begging for poison.

  9. CvJ is amazing. My second most listened artist after BOC according to my library. Has the same sort of otherworldly vibe as BoC but a style very uniquely his own.

  10. I understand you think I’m crazy but it’s just a theory I just wanted to know if you agree with me

  11. No, not at all. This is not only complete nonsense, it's harmful misinformation.

  12. If someone started falsely accusing you of being a pedo and spreading that around as a rumor, how'd you feel if they said "it's just a theory calm down"?

  13. I wish BOC could find the Trapped guy and do an album with him. Change my mind.

  14. Colonel Abrams is dead sadly. :( He'd actually been living on the streets with diabetes prior to his death too. Would've been awesome tho.

  15. I love Tame Impala's early stuff but I really don't hear much similarity with BOC, besides the fact that they both get pretty psychedelic at times.

  16. There are references to Satanism and the occult in their music (especially Geogaddi), but that doesn't mean they're Satanists. It's all just part of the artistry. Some of their songs I find creepy or unsettling (i.e. The Devil is in the Details) and others I find nostalgic or pretty. They have a huge range of emotions they can evoke.

  17. Wait, then when are they returning?

  18. There hasn't been a date announced yet, just confirmation from someone in Hexagon Sun that a new album is on the way

  19. Probably Farewell Fire for me. It feels like someone who's at the end of their life looking back on their memories as they fade away.

  20. They make money from licensing their songs for TV shows/movies/commerials, streaming revenue from their ~1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., CD/vinyl/merch sales, their remixes, and probably some mastering work for other artists (as with The Sexual Objects). I wouldn't guess they have mansions or anything, but they definitely make enough from their music to live on.

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