1. Virginia has Bob Good. We all have our shame.

  2. A 15 week abortion ban seems fairly reasonable. That should be enough time to make the necessary arrangements. Just my opinion though..

  3. What a place of privilege from which you speak. Regardless, no one asked you and it's none of your business.

  4. "Babies" can kill their hosts, too. Fair is fair.

  5. No way. Just the fact that we have legal weed dispels this.

  6. Youngkin had some massive luck on his side. McAuliffe spent most of his time trying to claim Youngkin was a Trump clone instead of speaking to the fuck to of detailed proposals on his campaign website. Youngkin focused on education and while the CRT angle was bullshit, it was right during the time frame when the Loundon County school board had a massive fucking scandal regarding a student rape they handled horribly. Then McAuliffe decided to say during a debate parents shouldn't have a say in their children's education. Which when you combine said rape incident, comes across REALLY fucking bad.

  7. DeSantis is going to win. His team is straight garbage and will appeal to garbage and make being garbage okay, and boom. Victory. Especially if people choose not to vote.

  8. So, this is how you know this administration didn't know what the fuck they were doing when it come to this kid:

  9. Thank you for posting this. My wife is a teacher and I came here to post something to this effect. There are many problems with the American education system but one of the biggest IMO are school administrations. They NEVER have the teachers' backs or are willing to support them. The things teachers have to deal with on a daily basis is mind numbing.

  10. Too fearful of their dark money school boards.

  11. I once hated this kid so much. So so much. Got to the point where the sound of him breathing literally annoyed me.

  12. To add to this, some of their entire families were wiped out by COVID. They are all in. 100% forever no matter what. How do you come back from that?

  13. Stickers covering the tail / brake lights is not only illegal, it shows what an absolute fucking moron this person is.

  14. Really surprised that passes inspection.

  15. Oh. This is an inside attack now, a la Madison Cawthorn.

  16. 2012, when Binders Full of Women was hot water.

  17. Well, in that vein...fetuses also murder their hosts sometimes.

  18. Even if the plant was full of Chinese spies, what is he afraid they'll steal from Pittsylvania county? Moonshine recipes?

  19. Don’t like him, didn’t vote for him, not going to vote for him in the next election.

  20. I was a manager at a Burgerville in Oregon a loooong time ago. I made sure the soda fountain nozzles were cleaned every damn night, and the ice machine was emptied weekly, sanitized, inspected for rust, and then turned back on.

  21. Burgerville was so fucking good. I miss it!

  22. Are they even open for brunch? I've driven by on weekends and no one been there too, along with Crisp being closed too.

  23. Crisp in Forest never seems open, either. Not sure how they are making rent in the Graves Mill Shopping Center (which is likely very high).

  24. I just started watching For All Mankind last night. It's so odd knowing how it turns out. I had the same feeling watching The Americans way back when, but it's ten times worse now. How far we've fallen! Russia played the long game and won.

  25. Right, like Sheriffs aren't already operating with total impunity. Let's give them more!

  26. Had a neighbor the other day trying to tell me that trump was in Maralago on Jan 6. I said no he was in the White House. He said no that Biden was inaugurated and was in the White House. I just walked away.

  27. I wonder what part of Alabama their from? /s

  28. I know SEC Shorts hasn't had their season finale, but I don't see how they could top this. SEC Roll Call has surpassed SEC Shorts as the must-watch SEC Youtube series.

  29. Matt is seriously an amazing comedian and writer, I do wish his support cast was matching, or at least closer to his talent though.

  30. He went solo last year, so he is the cast at this point and his most recent content is so much better for it!

  31. Alabama, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana fighting to see which state can be the absolute worst to live in.

  32. Can we stop calling these people "conservative" please? That implies they operate on some genuine principle and aren't just misanthropic fascists.

  33. Uh...this has been happening. There's a whole sub tracking them:

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