1. Wow nice, I’m thinking of stepping on the stage next year myself I will be 42 lol

  2. Good for you, turning 51 and I'm considering doing the same pics to come..

  3. Pricing depends on if you’re a member or not. Members are $200 monthly that includes all consultations, labs and medications (except HCG).

  4. Mind DMing me thevinfo of your clinic I use Matrix also.

  5. Reminds me of the drag queen show I saw on the news last week for 5th graders.

  6. Fla is the way to go.. I've never felt better 50 years old with abs still growing!

  7. I did the same thing last year for a much more cost effective clinic. I found that most clinics will simply ask for a picture of your current prescription to justify why your test levels are already within a normal range 👍

  8. I use Matrix Hormones out of FLA legit wouldn't mind opening the conversation about cost though. I have nothing to compare it too.

  9. How to tell me ypu voted for Biden without telling me you voted for Biden..

  10. Prison system is broken. What happened to rehabilitation so that people can rejoin society?

  11. Isn't that why his 1st sentence was light, in an attempt to rejoin society? Didn't go so well for the victim.

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