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  1. I just need one more point from him and I’m in that same situation as you lol

  2. Hell yeah brother!! I hadn’t scored more than 75 pts first 3 weeks but that td got me to 130.

  3. I've seen the defense improve almost every week So kudos to Vance and the players.

  4. Hollywood has balled out. He’s a playmaker, can’t wait to see him and Dhop out there together

  5. He did make those two nice places where he threw Kyler down and then next play pick 6. But yeah fuck that guy

  6. NFL has been ass so far this season. So many horrible games.

  7. One of the few times in my life I’ve been awake until 5am and im so glad it’s tonight, kamara can happily ride my bench for a week

  8. If you have both I’d play Hock. Give it a week to see how Conklin’s targets look with Wilson instead of Flacco. That being said I am playing Conklin because I have no other options lol

  9. I thought YouTube locks the accounts to one household? How are you getting by that?

  10. No you can invite and have a total of 5 total emails/logins for 1 account. 3 watching at 1 time which is weird to me if they allow 5 logins. To get redzone you have to pay an extra $10/month

  11. Dillon. He will get more yds and higher chance for TD.

  12. I am leaning Dillon but look at what Reynolds saw last week with a hobbled Amon Ra, and now we know there will be no Amon Ra on Sunday. He saw 10 targets and got almost a hundred yards. I’m also 0-3 and need to go for the high ceiling. But I do still think Dillon is a fine play. However NE def against the run has been solid

  13. We are no longer firm for herm or stiff for kliff. We have been flaccid for awhile now 😩

  14. Struggling with this one, was just offered Ekeler for Fournette. 12 team .5ppr

  15. I can tell you have an iPhone because every fucking time I try to spell “carries” it gets autocorrected to Carrie’s.

  16. Add a text replacement in your settings just put carries=carries and it won’t happen again

  17. One of the dumbest autocorrects, shit triggers me

  18. Add a text replacement in your settings just put carries=carries and it won’t happen again

  19. You’re so proud of that 5 year old asterisk trophy that you’re still hoisting it?

  20. The Fantasy Footballers scammed us this year.

  21. What records were broken?

  22. Longest OT fumble return TD in history, and first QB with rushing td and passing td and rushing 2 pt conversion and passing 2 pt conversion

  23. Cardinals social media team on instagram said those are both NFL records, not franchise

  24. I’m really proud of the players and coaches who refused to let this issue go and instead took a leadership role.

  25. And sponsors too! Money talks and they were going to hit him where it hurts

  26. A Bublè Christmas concert would 100% be worth the price of admission.

  27. He's more than just Christmas music. The guy's a legend. Nobody else comes this close to Sinatra.

  28. Have you seen him live? Such a good performer and entertainer. Raw talent

  29. Oh man even a non Christmas concert was fantastic that man has so much talent

  30. Time to send reasonable offers that will still be rejected

  31. Yesterday I offered J Rob and DJ Moore for Amon Ra. (He is RB needy). He countered with J Rob DJ and Fournette, for Amon Ra Mclaurin and Aaron Jones. Which I liked even more and smashed accept. Doesn’t hurt to send them out

  32. I don’t understand why so many people on this sub spell it Dillion

  33. Eno Benjamin has graded out at an elite level so far this season. James Conner has scored a lot of TDs in his time with AZ, but otherwise is kind of underwhelming.

  34. They went to Williams for the bulk of the load once Connor was out. And he looked good, while Eno kept his same role. I have Connor and Eno, I’m grabbing Darrel off the waiver and dropping Eno

  35. I just packaged him with J Rob and got Amon Ra. He needed RB depth and I’m chillin. Sucks that I could have drafted Amon Ra where I drafted DJ but oh well

  36. I’d 100% take this trade. You could use the WR help and a stack of AJ and Dillon isn’t doing you many favors

  37. I accepted! Feels great to get a solid trade that helps both teams. He was hurting at RB big time

  38. Have you seen his week 2 finishes vs week 1 finishes over the last 3 seasons? Due for a big week

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