1. I’m already freaking out over losing Najee and Keenan indefinitely

  2. If you’re a complete dumbass like me, yes. If not, yer probably fine.

  3. I lost my file and managed to get a file of some dude named Kadhem that was maxed with out every Pokémon fully trained for BF without even trying to get someone’s file

  4. I think I’m gonna do a NG+ on the file regardless

  5. If you are in the location of the quest (Cube Corp) then you're on the right version. Did you catch Dialga already? You need to catch it (and maybe have it in the party too)

  6. Tuesdays: rosas has their 6 dollar taco plate Wednesday/Thursday: 3 dollar drafts at BWD Piada: has something on Wednesdays Obannons: has discounts on cans and drafts certain nights as well.

  7. Depends on whether you’re better with qualitative or quantitative concepts. I haven’t taken either but I’ve taken many other finance and management courses. Management always ends up being a heavy amount of reading where finance is primarily calculation based with a little theory.

  8. Summer classes. You literally spend 6+ hours a day with people and struggle with them. Nothing builds a closer connection. It’s how I’ve gotten close with all of my friends.

  9. Congrats mate, really solid team especially with alakazam and gliscor. Mind me asking how you got alakazam since I thought trading doesn’t work anymore?

  10. I actually recently started doing body weight workouts but simply because lifting lost it’s appeal. What I’ve learned is you can still get a solid workout in without going to the gym. Give it a shot for sure. You may end up liking it more than you think

  11. Insane meant Safari Zone difficulty, not the whole game difficulty - do not confuse the two.

  12. Thank you for the heads up. I have yet to ever do the safari zone so I really appreciate it

  13. I’ve beat the story but haven’t pushed for 100% yet. What challenges were “tough” ones?

  14. Alchemy + heavy armor (ursine) + euphoria mutation is OP, flexible, and survivable.

  15. 10x speed and run/bike in the expressway with soothe bell

  16. Use a card tracker! Having to go back and figure out which cards you have/don’t have is a pain. It helps you with the Collect Em All achievement, and helps build an insane deck

  17. I have like 12 cards that can be won or bought from people with no renown left and it’s annoying because I know I’m going to have to go back through every city and town

  18. Yeah it’s easily the most annoying part of the game. I’ve taken to tracking my cards immediately, and just talking to every single merchant I see.

  19. Yeah it’s one of the 3 achievements I have left. The others are equally as annoying as I did a contract wrong so I have to do a new save and complete all 26 again.

  20. Anyone not change it up really? I eat the same thing every meal. Only change will be from chicken to beef periodically.

  21. Yeah I concur. I switch the meats I eat and then the seasonings I use and it works for me.

  22. No it’s the shellsnapper. I don’t recall where to find one but I’ve run into a few.

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