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  1. My body hair is blond also. It has a peach color in direct sunlight

  2. Corruption in congress they need to be punished with life sentences

  3. Do you think prices are really a big enough difference that it's worth driving to Michigan? I've definitely heard this a few times. Might check out a Michigan dispo website and compare prices.

  4. Absolutely you can get ten vapes for 100 beans way higher then 70%

  5. When your daughter grows up to be a hoe because daddy didn’t give a crap about them

  6. I use mason jars & 58% Bovedas if it’s dry. It really makes a difference.

  7. I didn’t think it was very strong. I did like their shatter I would pass on this

  8. Only thing that shuts off my fight or flight reflex. This is actually medicine. It’s really the only decent thing in this program. If you want a better selection Gleaf in Warren usually has 3-4 different kinds in stock

  9. You just spoke to God. It’s real. Like I would never admit this in my real life but I hear that voice too & it gives me crazing blessings I used to be an atheist no more

  10. No I will never stop calling people honey, doll, darling. I am not going to change my personality to make a bunch of bitter Karen’s happy. Don’t like it? Then most likely you’re not my people so idgaf

  11. A supervisor? Not cool. You should even have to say anything hitting on your employees is a no no and is illegal.

  12. Sexual harassment you can sue your are not allowed to hit on employees

  13. Ive seen a testicled creature. It had ever-changing faces. Some I recognized, some i didn't. There was actually two other people I've talked to here on reddit that have encountered one too. One person said it had no face. The one I encountered was not giving off a loving energy. It felt almost like it was feeding off of me. But I wasn't afraid of it, it was just trying to survive. It was purple

  14. The changing faces I know that one too. I don’t recognize the faces

  15. I fill mine up with hot coffee wait about a minute or two shot it back in my cup. Best part of waking up is rso & Folgers in the cup

  16. Because we are on the brink of nuclear war. every year the place is destroyed by a hurricane. That’s how it is on islands

  17. Yes I had their lozenges. They are crap. They are crumbling and taste gross.

  18. I'm going to go there tomorrow and spend money because of this. Literally just ran out of juice and this FUCKING RULES SO GODDAMN HARD FUCK YEAH.

  19. Is the city relatively LGBTQ+ friendly? Coming from Boston it was never an issue, but I don’t know what to expect in Ohio.

  20. Solon is very lgbtq friendly. The principal of the high school is a lesbian

  21. I have been doing these for a little over a year. I lost 40 pounds. Definitely do the 1 month patterning & the 1 year for goals. Definitely living in a richer more magical reality now.

  22. Or hear me out we can use birth control and condoms and then nobody needs to have a surgical abortion or a vasectomy. It’s called being personally responsible. I know it’s a new concept.

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