1. My first sales job was cold-calling. 100-400 calls per shift on an auto-dialer. Selling subprime mortgages in 2006.

  2. I used to live at "The Lofts Apartments" on Sheldon.

  3. Hey! My partner and I are looking at these apartments right now. What was your experience like?

  4. Hi, we moved out July 2003, almost 20 years ago, so I can't say anything for the maintenance or management, it was nice to have the parking garage that led directly to the interior of the building, maybe ask if the garage is secure because every week one garage door would just be stuck open.

  5. If you have api access, I would do the following queries:

  6. Never worked with api access before, got a youtube video recommendation on where to start?

  7. Kris, Waylon, Willie and Johnny Cash after the legendary country music group, the Highwaymen

  8. A racehorse without a jockey is dangerous to itself and others

  9. It depends on what you’re building, where you’re getting the wood from, and what tools you already own.

  10. Tension Releasing Exercises or TRE might be interesting for you to have a look at. It reduces the tension in the body by generating tremors. The diaphragm and the psoas play a big part in this. TRE is basically a method for creating autogenerated tremors in yourself (just like happens when you are confronted with sudden stress [like right after you are confronted with a danger]). Very effective mechanism for releasing muscle tension. Very much also in involuntary muscles that are hard to target in other way's. Especially when those muscles that are deep within your body. Like the diaphragm.

  11. Super interesting. How long have you been doing TRE? What type of changes have you noticed?

  12. Definitely listen to the commenters recommending you contact a professional. This looks priceless. Good luck OP!

  13. NYC. Agree with everyone else here. If saving money is a strong personal value to you, then do Charlotte. NYC surpasses Charlotte in literally everything else.

  14. I've worked in start-ups for most of my working career, and it's been surprisingly stable... It just burns the energy out of you.

  15. High quality response here. Why use a CV over a resume, especially for recent grads?

  16. I think CV is just British for resume and is more popularly used in some global fields.

  17. Different contexts definitely but a CV is a completely different document. Often it's a few pages long and is more detailed compared to a one-page resume. I've seen solo-consultants use them as they're much more beefier. Definitely something to use in the right context though, I wouldn't recommend a CV for a recent grad.

  18. Decreasing transparency is a good one someone mentioned. Our company finances have seemingly disappeared during our all hands meetings, even with our CFO brazenly skipping through them saying "there's nothing important here." We didn't hit numbers this year btw

  19. Absolutely true. I did this. 1 jump took me from 60k to 95k overnight. I never looked back.

  20. Nice work. Same thing happened to me, was working at 61k then was offered 90k at a competitor. Didn't look back.

  21. I work in b2b saas aka the tech industry. It’s likely the other op does too with such a jump. Applying to jobs there may be hard with so many companies doing hiring freezes or laying off employees. It’s a personal concern of mine rn.

  22. Poseidon X. Love it so much. Only cost around $800 for the dropbar for me. Literally has the same exact parts as a Cannondale Topstone 4. There’s micro differences between em, mainly in the frame. Poseidon Redwood works too but I only have an X

  23. I have maybe 4-5 years worth of Nintendo Power sitting in my drawer from 2006-2010. I'm no data hoarder but I'm willing to jump in for the cause

  24. Because I want to rank for the category/brand page keyword primarily, and I would increase the content of the category page by listing the product page descriptions on it instead, which would make the category page more informative. And noindex the product pages to prevent any duplicate issues since i have reused their descriptions on the category page, to have more keyword targeted content on it.

  25. Before I hop on PC, how many years of experience do you have in SEO? No judgment btw

  26. Any manager worth their salt would congratulate you and wish you well.

  27. Thanks, my manager gave me a very lukewarm response today which surprised me.

  28. The more direct you are, the better. If you quit by text message, you will burn your bridge.

  29. Props to you for sharing your pricing model

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