1. If I was your neighbour my wife and I would be joining in!

  2. Good, so I can watch her face when you put your cock in her

  3. She looks natural with a cock. Beautiful smile too👌

  4. She does have a very cute smile! It’s how she lures you to bed!

  5. I’d bring her home and hubby and I would fuck her together

  6. Perfect. She’s very submissive so I think you’d have fun. Would love to hear more.

  7. I’m in. Lol. Maybe a swap is in order

  8. Recognise that view! Gutted you so close and I didn’t get chance to fuck her

  9. Hot wife you have there. I would love to fuck her into oblivion if she likes that sort of thing.

  10. Count me in. She looks innocent but I bet she likes it in all her holes.

  11. Yeah, and likes it in all her holes at the same time…

  12. She definitely seems to know her way around a cock

  13. I’d make it to dessert as long as we were teasing each other under the table

  14. You sure? Even if you knew she was wearing a new black lace corset with stockings and suspenders…?

  15. Even the 39 year old whose going back for a career change?

  16. Especially him! And any members of faculty who are passing…

  17. I’d love to find out for sure if your a innocent wife or a total slut that just wants her holes used at every opportunity

  18. When you close the hotel door and start kissing her you’ll find out

  19. I’m in Can we take multiple turns Are condoms required or is bareback an creampies a option

  20. Phone my friends and tell them to get round for a party

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