WCGW on her 17th birthday

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  1. Wow you’re not suspect at all /s

  2. Since it seems there’s a lot of apologists for cultural appropriation in these comments, I’ll add another perspective: Your instinct to give it back to the earth is likely to be your best bet. I certainly wouldn’t use it, as burning white sage is a closed practice and may invite unwanted and disgruntled energy when not used appropriately.

  3. I mean, it’s certainly not perfect, but honestly watching that movie was what cracked my egg.

  4. I noticed breast buds fairly early on. Took a little longer to see the facial changes but I was kind of a baby face to begin with.

  5. “I’m just sad to see people bringing politics into etymology…”

  6. I replied to a comment that was creating a folk etymology due to a politically biased perspective, thus confusing correlation with causation.

  7. Lol it’s like once you’ve seen one of you you’ve seen them all. No need to continue this discussion; you’re see-through.

  8. I am in love with both that eyeliner and that choker! Your date missed tf out

  9. My moneys on some dude i may have offended at some point has alot of accounts, lol. I dont mind.

  10. lol when people can’t accept their comment is unpopular

  11. The moment I saw that face I knew what that douche canoe was going to do.

  12. Isn’t this art from a Berenstain Bears story?

  13. I’ve called myself non-op since basically the beginning of my transition. Genitals do not equal gender, and my downstairs buddy has served me well.

  14. They are mostly lacking just modern uniform (likely see older uniform/simplified uniform) and body armour. So they still have supplies

  15. I dunno; I’ve been seeing videos floating around that suggest their supplies are THREADBARE

  16. I guess I can't read cursive. To me that looks like "Gary Hitler"

  17. I came here exactly to say Gary Hitler so you’re not alone.

  18. If it keeps growing and showing up on the front page then it ain't dead

  19. I suppose “dead” isn’t the right word. More like “corrupted”, “hobbled”.

  20. It's part of the nature of the beast when you're dealing with such an unorganized and open sourced platform of opposition

  21. My point is that this infiltration and engineering isn’t new and has been going on from the start; hence why I’ve lost trust in the sub entirely.

  22. I just came here from a witchcraft sub and golly was that a fun title to start with.

  23. Chaos witch here; I work with whoever I need to, that isn’t overly dangerous. Very early attempting to build a relationship with Freyja, though.

  24. Wow there’s like no appreciation for humor here. Lighten up chuckleheads.

  25. Nein, danke. Wir hören Grunge hier.

  26. Walk through it. That way any damage you take 5 or under gets reduced to 1; it’s great!

  27. Ok enby Eddie Munson might be the only thing better than Eddie Munson. Love the look!

  28. Ok the whole ''closed practice'' argument, while I understand it and respect it,

  29. There have been posts on this very sub from native practitioners calling out the prevalence of non-native witches using sage in an appropriative way. Do you have testimony from any indigenous practitioners who contradict that, or is this simply your own internal rationale?

  30. Burning/smudging white sage is a closed practice, and should not be done by non-indigenous people. I will let indigenous voices speak for themselves but I would not keep it to use.

  31. I’m not reading the comments I just hope the majority of people can tell that this is transphobic satire and that trans women are not shoving prosthetic babies up our asses.

  32. I always go electro if it’s viable, and it’s almost always viable. You don’t have to take one crowd control attack if you have that.

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