1. Courtney Barnett - “Nameless, Faceless”; “Small Poppies” from the same artist has a similar vibe.

  2. This gives serious Magnus Archive season 5 vibes

  3. I love this, on an aesthetic and on a philosophical level.

  4. Looks like a set from that Doctor Who episode about the evil space TV station.

  5. Most every hair metal song from the 80’s that completely objectifies women or is full of misogynistic language, for example, most of the Guns & Roses catalogue.

  6. GnR particularly “One in a Million”

  7. The one I most consistently love is “Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots.

  8. Turkish stuff is actually a good recommendation for grunge lovers tbh

  9. This sounds like the kind of comment I’d see from a Russian troll account; especially after doing the bare minimum of research into her.

  10. “Searching With My Good Eye Closed” by Soundgarden

  11. Different genre, but “Powerhouse” by Thunderpussy (neo-classic hard rock) is this for me.

  12. That was me. I think my primary source of dysphoria was always the internal disconnect I felt from my own emotions and identity. Consequently that was also the primary reason I began consuming the skittles.

  13. I’m a big fan of Taree and Black Saturday

  14. This is why I shoot for “plausible deniability” more than “passing”.

  15. I think the answer lies in all of them, in part. I tend to think along the lines of Holism + Information models.

  16. Dean and Rob DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) for sure. Guitar + bass anyway.

  17. Somehow that feels entirely appropriate for me.

  18. Seriously I started Adderall and lost like 50 pounds within a few months. Shit’s real.

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