1. regular minoxidil use will have you growing facial hair, though it might not be all too much until you’re on T. it has a warning on the bottle that women should avoid using it because of the potential for facial hair gain.

  2. Wait... I figured out I was a transguy during a time in my life that wasn't great... but it's way better now and I still get dysphoria what does that mean xd

  3. Will my samsung galaxy s10+ get android 13, and if not is there a way to get the new emojis? I really miss the heart hands... :(

  4. No dw I just needed new ones since my.old ones are kinda broken xd

  5. Ngl seeing the one from age 11 makes me realize how much younger I am in comparison to pokemon... since the piece is almost as old as me 💀💀

  6. oof that made me feel Ancient but thank you! lol

  7. Steph0Sims, she doesn't upload often but I've really been enjoying her videos

  8. Yea, my demons took over and I just had to try it

  9. As others have said you need to look at robotics station. Building a servo is implied to being your Sim's life work so it's very grindy and takes a while to get all the parts. If you just want to interact with other robots including servos, then you can meet some at the Foxbury Institute in Britechester. Also if your into the whole robotics thing, then I'd recommend having your Sim earn a physics degree at Foxbury and joining the Mechanical Engineer career since this allows you to build some unique gadgets at the robotics station that you wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

  10. I hope this isn't rude but she reminds me a bit of this one girl from Beetlejuice (in a good way of! She looks cool)

  11. How do you get back Into genshin? I haven't played since like 3 weeks, which sucks because I still like the characters and I'm not nearly done with some builds but my motivation to log in just plummeted for some reason:(

  12. Ah nice, because I already have an on set em piece just the substats suck 💀 but oh well xd

  13. I feel a bit stupid for asking this, but how do we know 2 days are left? Do chatacters always get revealed on the fifth or what😅

  14. drip marketing of characters for the next patch is every monday. however due to the passing of a previous chinese president it will be delayed until the 7th, the morning when the 3.4 beta drops.

  15. Workaholic who made everyone think she’s a cat girl

  16. Ich wünschte jemand würde mich so küssen 🥸

  17. TBH I always kinda thought the names were made up to some part at least because the only two Mondstadt names I’ve ever heard in real life, living in Germany, were Barbara and Lisa💀

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