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  1. He does. I remember several years ago Luke was to voice Waluigi in the original SML movie

  2. Have you ever heard of the serial killer, Israel Keyes? This is exactly how his parents raised him and his siblings. Not saying his upbringing alone fucked him up, but it certainly contributed.

  3. Yeah his parents were fucked up. Keyes and his siblings grew up living in one room cabin with no electricity or running water, totally isolated. They were made by their parents to attend a white supremacist church, which is where they became friends with the Chevie Kehoe family

  4. Next episode will likely be Wotfi 2022, unless there’s one more episode in between

  5. You’re only allowed to poison someone in a chef, cook or waiter disguise. Anyone else is a no no

  6. Conversation with a spiky baseball bat right?

  7. James met his wife through AVGN so that would never happen

  8. Baby Shark. So bad that COs used it to torture prison inmates and ended up in a lawsuit

  9. I feel you. I’ve been unemployed since March when I quit my restaurant job of 6 months due to mistreatment. I had a job interview at another restaurant a few days later but I didn’t get it.

  10. Doesn’t want to undo all the buttons when changing disguises


  12. There are comic cons all over the world. They just go to the one in Sydney Australia cause they live there

  13. I’m infuriated that the four main perpetrators got light sentences and more than 100 people who raped her went uncharged

  14. Hide all bodies when the targets are in the middle of a crowded area and never leave. Can’t even use the seiker without causing a ruckus

  15. I live close to Huntsville and have seen the Boeing place many times. Right night to Huntsville International Airport on Boeing Boulevard

  16. If Melony is a Goddess with the mask on then she technically is immortal? I wonder what would happen if that was brought up in the show

  17. Assassins Creed 3: Liberation for the PS Vita has a female protagonist: Aveline de Grandpré

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