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  1. The sideboob cosplay posts are the only thing of value their subreddit has, take that away and...

  2. Well the fandom is at fault for still giving him any attention.

  3. I’d like to see Nintendo move on from MercurySteam. I’m tired of their melee combo being shoehorned into a series that was better without it.

  4. Do you actually mean the counter thing you do by pressing X? Because that's definitely the worst aspect of the games.

  5. Custom flair for whoever finds the main account of this loser.

  6. Raduhs back at it again with the hentai shit


  8. I remember I read this again last year and it left me with the same awful feeling as the first time many years ago.

  9. Thanks for the info mate 😁 if you have ideas for future Imus don't hesitate to share

  10. Glad you like it here. This place could be much better, but also much worse, we get some legendary posts every now and then too.

  11. Yamato is the mascot of this subreddit.

  12. My New Year's resolution is simple, to acomplish what I couldn't last year.

  13. Hi! Can I have one in a fast ball? Link Code is 4554 8226 Thank you!

  14. I can trade you a perfect 5 IV Sprigatito with HA.

  15. Definitely down for this if you still are

  16. Yeah I can, gimme a minute I just started a raid.

  17. I can help you with the trade evolutions.

  18. Good thing I read it first, was going to pin that post thinking they're the real spoilers lmao.

  19. Guess what? I believed they were all going to be defeated by a big punch.

  20. This sounds amazing, I'd like to see that happen.

  21. what makes them worse for me is that clearly somebody at GameFreak adores them. STOP making new forms that only make a boring pokémon uglier. Alolan Dugtrio may be my least favorite pokémon ever

  22. I don't like how Dugtrio now always has the same happy face Diglett has, it was funny in older games when Dugtrio always had an angry look for no reason.

  23. Fucking bruxish. That thing looks like a failed Lisa Frank drawing.

  24. Man ever since Sun/Moon came out I hate that thing it's so fucking ugly it's not even funny.

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