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  1. Final update! School finished for the year around a week or two ago. I’m not going to that school anymore, I’m moving to a different school to finish off my school years

  2. Be told off for crying. Even though it’s a natural reaction. I just wanna be comforted and hugged man, I can’t keep being told off for it

  3. This is what i do, i don't have money so i cant just buy a noise canceling stuff, so i jab my fingers in my ears wear my mask mike a eye mask and stay still till my body shusts down or untill the noise stops.

  4. I thankfully have them from my dad. But I do have LED lights and black out curtains but it still scares me. A few weeks ago we had a random sudden storm and I just put on noise canceling headphones, listen to music and read for a good two hours

  5. Like, to find the high capacity tank, there's a databox near the Al An sanctuary to get it, just next to a straight abandoned corridor piece, it's the only way i know to have it

  6. As good a reason as any. So don't worry about your friend, liking someone and dating them are two different things.

  7. It's not gonna matter in three years lol, don't sweat it. It's insignificant and not worth your concern at all.

  8. Ok so, I saw them yesterday and the person didn’t say anything to C which I’m happy abt. I had my friend talk to the person and they agreed not to tell them

  9. When people joke abt shit they shouldn’t joke abt, Or teasing me abt something I can’t control in a mean way

  10. My friends bird, 100% my friends bird. It destroyed them and I want them to feel better soon

  11. I still like to think it she/her isn’t used on my 24/7. I know I have friends who don’t use she/her on me every single time which is good

  12. Yeah that's good but I trust me if it's someone who doesn't know you well they're probably using the same pronouns

  13. Afab/amab means assigned female/male at birth, it’s a term anyone can use (I believe) but more common around the trans community. I was female at birth but I identify as non binary.

  14. Thing is, since we’ve lost contact it would be impossible for me to msg her, we’d just randomly bump into each other

  15. It gets busy after lunch. Where I skate, 2-3:30pm skate is the busiest and mostly has parties. This was the 12-1:30pm session which is rarely ever busy, maybe the occasional party with 10 odd people but that’s it. Just thought I’d let you know it dose get busy

  16. That makes sense, I think when I went to a rink for the first time before deciding I wanted skates of my own, that's the time I went. Place was jammed packed, lol.

  17. Thank you! Took me some time to get like that, did skating with rentals a few weeks before my birthday (mid April) and got skates 3 days before my birthday as an early birthday present

  18. I find it hard to believe any of those videos could be accurately described as “good” or “hilarious” to an adult

  19. I mean there are ones were the people are amazing at editing and then there’s someone who poorly edit for the fun of it. I’m not sure how to explain it. But the fake depression type gachas are not at all funny

  20. Why would I watch a gacha when I can watch a professionally animated and written show? People who are serious and talented animated storytellers are not making gacha life videos.

  21. I respect your opinion. I don’t normally watch gacha things but if one stumbles onto my social media I’ll look at it but I won’t watch it all

  22. Some kid in my classes wants to be a chef, I don’t think he will be. I’ve heard from someone else in his cooking class he’s burnt food and then blamed it on him. We’re in year ten (aged 15-16)

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