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  1. I have the original Duet since launch. I tried Android apps at first and ended up uninstalling most. I just go to the website and save as a shortcut. Chrome is faster, plus higher video quality!! Good luck with the Duet 5!

  2. I'm going to keep using my Pixel 4xl without updates for another year at least. It's a great phone and Google should support it for another year!!

  3. First are you on Android 13? This did not work on a13 beta for me so I'm on a12 and the fingerprint sensor works fine.

  4. Just moved to a 6a from an S21FE. Wow. 6a is much better for me on battery, and the fingerprint reader is as good or better. Other than the screen refresh this is a nice upgrade.

  5. Glad to hear that other brands, cough Samsung have fps issues as well. I've never owned an under the screen finger print reader, and mine is ok on A12. Are you on a13 or a12?

  6. Mine's good. Not as fast as the back fingerprint readers of 3a and 4a, but still pretty good

  7. Have you updated to A13? Mine works in A12 but sucked in A13 beta. Popped out and went back you A12.

  8. Horrible in A13 beta. Errors in registering and not working. I tried with and without screen protector. With and without sensitivity. After a few days I opted out and reset my Pixel 6a back to A12. The fingerprint sensor works and is fine now. Read that lots of people having FPS problems on A13. I'm going to wait to update and hope they fix it until then I'm fine with staying on A12 as it is stable and works on the Pixel 6a. It's overall smooth and without bugs.

  9. So glad to not have A13. I tried the beta on my Pixel 6a and it broke the fp scanner and was not any better than A12. I'm not updating to A13 until some of these bugs are worked out. Relax and enjoy your phone as is.

  10. Had the same issue. Had to roll back to 12...and now afraid of the update ! 😓

  11. Yes I've read once you update to A13 official you can't roll back to A12 due to bootloader security fix by Google. I'm waiting a while for sure now.

  12. We share the same circuitry and software and yet I have

  13. Switching keyboard inputs? I've attached the physical keyboard and un attached it of that's what you mean. Also rebooted, and switched light/dark mode as well as made sure any flags are off. Hard to use in tablet mode when to can't see the keys of the keyboard. Thanks for the suggestions though. Maybe a power wash is my only hope now. I use my Duet in tablet mode almost exclusively.

  14. What I meant is found in Settings-->Accounts-->Keyboard-->Change Input Settings. You'll notice my input is "EXTD" in the linked screenshot for "English US with Extended Keyboard" (in the settings). Worth a shot, who knows?

  15. My 4xl is working smooth. It's gotten better with updates including july. Good luck

  16. I have a Lenovo Duet and tried different screen aspect ratios and it makes no difference. Should be googled off in tablet mode I agree.

  17. My pixel 4xl does this intermittently as well. I think it's an Android 12 issue. Worked better on 11.

  18. Happy Birthday! Congratulations on making yourself a priority. You have one life, don't compromise working for assholes that don't show you the respect you deserve.

  19. If the battery is not deteriorated it's a great buy! One of my favorite Pixel phones ever, Enjoy!

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