1. Am I terrible for agreeing with this and wishing to see the repercussions of her insane husband (aldo) by her doing poorly?

  2. Can’t forget her actions that came to light. Extorting her prior coach, bullying babi, what she did to her late ex husband.. who you’re with is often someone with similar traits to yourself

  3. Agree that it has some reflection, but some of the points you made seem to counter other evidence. I try to not let personal drama sway my thoughts in regards to BB shows. It seems like women in the sport get more flack than the men, so I try to be conscious about that.

  4. What? How is what I said desperate to deflect from Katy? I originally responded to a different poster, not you, who said there isn’t as much outrage because everyone is on the same page. I used Kim k as an example that not everyone is on the same page.

  5. But you’re derailing the conversation and putting KK in the spotlight. It’s high key off Bc KK is no where near relatable to the average citizen.

  6. He was a narcissist and verbally abusive. BeastFactoryFitness or something like that. He’s cool with James so it makes sense.

  7. Wow. Never heard of him but glad she’s gotten out of that. Way too common

  8. He boasts about having the best Figure girls. My vet has him as a coach (left her because my pups were scared of her for some reason?) I was going to work with him since he seems to specialize in Figure but after her experience, I pivoted to The Pros. Damian is amazing so I'm just going to stay with him lol

  9. lol I’m also 5’10” and it’s hilarious to witness. I remember being mocked for being my height as a teen but now it’s all “ooooo I’m so TALL look at me TOWERING over people HEHEHEHE” like give it a rest ladies hahah. And it’s always the medium-tall women who are inflating their height to seem taller.

  10. Real tall girls don’t need to flaunt their height on IG all the time. -6’1 juggernaut

  11. It's not just her, looking at LC on her instagram LC looks very lean with a lot of muscle for bikini, not as soft as I think bikini should be (obvi this is my opinion). Don't get me started on the wellness girls.

  12. All categories are progressing in muscle and I don't anticipate it stopping now. I understand why people don't care for the trajectory but I like it.

  13. I do not want white girl hair lol. Love my protective styles ❤️

  14. Reasons I’m a walked red flag: pick me bitch energy

  15. Didn’t cause any problems for me. Not that I’m a posing pro to begin with. I bought the Shoe Fairy Olympians and was in PAIN. I got the 4” Fabulicious shoes from another company and it worked out well.

  16. 4” isn’t bad but 3” is noticeable in how you sit on the pose imo

  17. True. I noticed that on the Atlantic Coast Pro livestream. There was a masters competitor with short little heels and it stood out.

  18. Idk why people are downvoting my comment 😂 I’m one of the tallest in the sub and have experienced it.

  19. • I have personally worked with this team. • Coach: Damian Segovia • 5 - Strongly Agree, I would recommend this team’s coaching services • Pricing: $250/month off-season

  20. Mine was barefoot on the beach 💁🏽‍♀️ not your wedding 🤣

  21. I’ve seen this in programming before especially for the taller folks so 🤷🏽‍♀️. Might get down voted for it.

  22. She’s juiced, look back at her facial features before she got jacked

  23. What you say lives forever, Jourdanne will always be known as the girl who commented on how often Ashley competes

  24. It would better if she was open about her ignorance

  25. Not the same page but it’s too identical to not have an impact. I’d reach out to that page.

  26. Team ProPhysique check all your boxes, and truly care about their athletes. You probably won’t get Paul Revelia as a coach, but his whole team of coaches are experienced (as well as competitors themselves : Daraja Hill etc). I can’t give a higher recommendation.

  27. Daraja Hill 10/10. Check out their podcast too to get a feel.

  28. Just got my ticket 🎟️ from E, you’ll have a lot of people cheering you on! 👏🏽👏🏽

  29. The one and only 👩🏽‍💻 you gave me motivation to hit legs 😂

  30. It's a different angle, that is the purpose but I agree should just do a regular pulldown.

  31. It is a slightly different angle idk why it's a big deal...?

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