1. Your right, I would know me better than me


  3. Probably thinks it’s clounselves shoes

  4. What I’m concerned about is how op spelled tire

  5. I saw that you wanted to get fucked and fed. What would be your ideal meal?

  6. You get brisket I’ll get ribs! That way we can both get a tasty bone i our mouths 😂

  7. This sub is becoming corrupted, leave this space for starrie

  8. You ar my mommy? Can I have brothers to light shit on fire with?

  9. Those knees made me think that I’d see an ass 😂

  10. What’s going on with your butthole? It looks like it wants to pop off! Hope you are doing well

  11. Looks like the tip of an elephants trunk

  12. Wow guys this video was enough to frickkan RADICALIZE me and now i am fucking hate woman 😎

  13. Surfs up my fellow not-small-dicked brethren

  14. Cock shotgun with that pfp got me thinkin….

  15. Looks like he caused some serious harm to this animal. I understand why he did it, but I don’t like it. Maybe he could have just thrown the dog away and gotten his dogs inside? I don’t like how much praise this is getting, I think this is a complex issue.

  16. Hmm, you know you are making good points when you have to whip out the whiny baby voice

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