1. Is that 22mil volume in the first hour? That’s not people taking their profits, that’s the SHF at it again!

  2. I just need to know if I should buy more or if this is going bankrupt? I’m already down hundreds 🫠

  3. The only reason I'm ticked off is because I through everything I had at it at 3.5, Could've had 4x the shares... oh well

  4. The more we buy the more the shorts keep digging their hole, it’s going to be parabolic

  5. Anyone has the source for the funding deal where the holder of these warrants can make money as long as share price is about $0.72 or something?

  6. As short positions remains open, there is no escape..... no matter how much you borrow and how many times you borrow.

  7. Kicking the can is the term. Let them get more banks involved, so the effect is parabolic

  8. Man this thread is full of shills and whiners now. What happened to the OG apes who held no matter what and bought more. It’s down 12 cents and people are hysterical. What the fuk are y’all going to do when this thing takes off or better yet do any of you actually deserve for this thing to take off? Anyways I’ll hold and buy more. Word of advice if you look at the ticker all day it’s going to drive you crazy. You’ll know when this thing takes off without having to stare at it endlessly.

  9. Imagine commenting on the daily discussion of a stock you supposedly hate so much instead of just doing something else. Couldn’t be me

  10. Thanks for taking time out of your pathetic day to comment on a stock you don’t even like. Go sew a scarf or something.

  11. Always funny how the media is present at any % drop but never when the price goes up. Makes you wonder

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