1. I usually light a small candle with intention and let it burn down. If I have a picture of the subject, I'll put that near it. I'll sometimes also place a crystal I feel might be beneficial to the situation there. It more or less becomes a small intentional altar.

  2. Adding on to this! I would use a white candle and wrote his name on a small piece of paper and place it under the candle

  3. As a Swiftie having to go through ticketmaster again is giving me war flashbacks 😬 Am suprised at the very few shows they booked, definitely expected more 😓

  4. "If you message me I can't guarantee you won't get a bitchy response" Wonder why you have zero friends.

  5. Lol because women have to fend themselves off from creeps like yourself 🤢🤮

  6. So being disgusted by you makes me a creep, great logic right here. Aight miss bitchy response.

  7. Oh yeah because replying 3 times on my last post doesn't scream unbothered lmao

  8. Natural and ethereal! Long curved lines throughout your face paired with a quintessential natural essence

  9. One of my sons is like this. Low self esteem and depression plus being high functioning spectrum makes him hate having his photo taken. He actually now wears a mask when he is outside his room almost constantly. It’s heart breaking not just because we don’t get to see him but also because the world is shunning him/shutting him out of opportunity. Hopefully you are ok.

  10. People have begged for me to join them in pictures but I just hate my own reflection. Every little flaw is amplified on a photograph as opposed to a mirror. It's really hard to look good in a picture if people aren't implementing things like lighting, angles, and makeup. And I'm fine, I just look reaallly bad in pictures and videos

  11. As a parent, this is actually really heartbreaking. You never know when you're going to lose someone, and you won't have anything to remember them by.

  12. My mother knows this all too well, so she takes pictures of me unknowingly and saves them on her phone. I don't like it, but she's the only allowed.

  13. Omg please put that on a T-shirt, I would buy it on an instant!!!!

  14. You're so gorgeous I would chop off my tits to look half as good as you

  15. So get out and meet people. Find activities you like to do, volunteer, go to the dog park, join a book club, do whatever. Just do something.

  16. You're mom is actually extremely inspiring. I'm only 27 and crying about how I probably wasted my better years, but your mom proves that's all bullshit. Reading her story was actually really great to hear, especially because you said she is also very shy, which I am to. Hence, why I have always have such a hard time making friends. I'll try and join an art club in honor of your mom 😭 Wish me luck, I might cry

  17. I'm happy that you feel this way. I've been alone for so long and I'm miserable, everything social-related in my life is abysmal, non-existent and pathetic 🫠🔫

  18. Omg did he watch Wednesday too? I absolutely adored that series! For anyone who hasn't seen it, I 100% recommend you watch it RIGHT NOW! Jenna Ortega does an amazing portrayal of Wednesday Addams 🖤

  19. I can remember the first time I truly became a self-proclaimed Swiftie. It was late May 2009. As a 13 year old loner, I felt isolated from my peers whom I had a hard time connecting with. It was when I listened to the song "You're Not Sorry," by Taylor Swift that I first experienced as an emotional epiphany. Never have I felt such a connection to a piece of music before. Her words had the ability to make me feel a little less alone, even if it was for a moment.

  20. Is the UTI from Ecoli? D mannose can only help prevent against ecoli, not other bacteria (my last 2 were strep b and p mirabilis). I have had an ecoli infection that d mannose couldn’t control, but it’s more rare in my experience

  21. Its always e. coli for me, its become a permanent resident in my bladder basically lmao

  22. My urogynecologist recommended Ellura if d-mannose is not sufficient enough. I can easily incorporate into my supplement routine. Also, decided to buy some Castile soap wipes and sterile wipes (for the perineal region) to use before and after sex as well as a portable bidet (i.e., a peri bottle)

  23. I’m a soft gamine (5 ft) and have the same frame as her not to mention was just as thin as her at her age. When I gain weight I become very soft and curvy! I bet she would too

  24. Hi there! They will often times schedule an appointment sooner if you have a referral, but getting an appointment is really hard unfortunately, I also would just Google search gynecologists in your area. If there is a PA or Nurse practitioner that has an open spot, take it! Contact your PCP and ask for a referral to a specialist, aka, the gynecologist. Also he will be a shitty if he thinks fucking you is more in important your well-being. Trust me, I have IC and it can make having sex a nightmare, with the right type of partners, I am able to take it at my own pace. Hope this helps!

  25. She has some Kibbe curve that needs accommodation. Not balanced enough to be a Classic type.

  26. Soft classics need some curve accomodations and they can have double curve as well. I think she just had big boobs, her ribcage, waist and hips (her bones), don't stand out enough to be an SN, and I tend to pay attention to her face more in simpler pieces

  27. I thought Kibbe said the face didn't matter for typing anymore

  28. The features don't necessarily matter, but its the cohesiveness of the whole outfit and whether it brings out the beauty of the wearer. Like in the first picture, that outfit hugs her curves beautifully, but I notice the outfit first before her face while in the 8th picture, the outfit creates a sense of cohesiveness and I notice her first

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