1. i peaked master on euw in s12 as a solo top laner (ign: pongda) and i can tell you that there is a huge gap b/w d1-d4. d4 players are just purely bad in terms of macro compared to d1.

  2. idk but when i reached masters s12 it was a clown fiesta just like diamond. Honestly couldn't really tell a difference, people just had ego and throwed games to "end faster" by going 2v5 mid lane instead of just pushing side lanes towers.

  3. ppl have high ego from like high gold. nothing special i would say. league is toxic in all elo

  4. Korea has good micro practice, but horrible macro. Euw has better macro for example, but way worse micro.

  5. Biggest lie. Bausffs said about this and called it Bs

  6. high elo koreans(even master which i do not consider high elo) fight for the herald at 8 min and prepare for the tf. in euw? no lol even in challenger you barely see it. Does this make korean high elo players make bad macro? no its not.

  7. I'm not taking offence, I'm just put off by everyone's aggression to me asking if I missed something. Thanks for letting me know, you don't have to believe me. I understand why no one would, it's an unbelievable situation. THAT'S WHY I ASKED. But everyone can get damned if they think I'm giving them my league account name with how they've acted in this comment section

  8. "I'm here for you" 4.99 per month, add me on lonelyfans

  9. "+ i will give you a black friday sales of 20% if you do it now!"

  10. Pretty much the same but kmart or bear guy at vaci utca( in front of mercule hotel, adidas)

  11. Hey funny I just had something similar happen to me I was a bit obtuse but I don't see how I was in the wrong. For context it was ARAM i was ryze and Garen is a dude on my team who later gets tilted.

  12. You should be perma for using the word "cringe" since that word is both insulting and cringe itself

  13. Pro tip: if you are very toxic on korea server. The owner of the acc might face jail time

  14. I'm not the type to really be toxic to someone over a game. maybe just give them some guidance if they make a dumb play

  15. I assume ur not the owner of the acc. If u toxix with it, the other players can sue you the account and the owner(your friend or random person idk) will take the responsibility and be fined or jailed

  16. You will need the certificate of registration at "Cégbíróság" - i am not sure of the official English name, probably Company Court? Also the signature of the authorised representative is required.

  17. Thanks, where can you get the certificate? should i purchase one through this website? (

  18. You already have a company established, right?

  19. Yes but its not my company. A company(foreign) bought real estate(house) for their office and wanted to setup internet and i am helping it

  20. He also was the only person to play Wukong when it was apparently a great answer to a lot of meta picks.

  21. Good for you. I also made this decision. I deleted all of their software, both Valorant and League of Legends. Because I refuse to support a company that would make this kind of decision and completely abuse people that don't deserve it.

  22. Hab mir auch bestgo* und livelea* angeschaut als ich Kind war. Finde das was normales

  23. I will speak it from top perspective. Garen and tryndamere for macro and split Aatrox for laning phase and snowball. Ornn and sejuani for tf

  24. As a supp I play pyke, swain or pantheon which in my modest opinion can carry but not solo you need at least one more teammate who isn't brain dead. I have a friend who goes brand as supp who is awesome in team fights. I think you need to establish more criteria, whether you can play other roles cause I think you can solo carry with a lot of junglers. And of course Aatrox.

  25. Agree with pyke. Pyke can solo carry up to high diamond. (Personal exp)

  26. Why didn't you put more emphasis on the president xi's strong opposition against the gaming industry. I think this makes LPL more hopeless(the main factor)

  27. Just look at the comment history, kinda sad tbh

  28. Because a) the overall narrative on this sub has been that people are getting warnings and bans for entirely innocent messages, and b) nobody was offended by this because he was in a 5 man stack. It’s not toxic if nobody’s offended. Riot is interjecting themselves into harmless chats without reports and doling out bans for no reason.

  29. Its like this : you can't swear in certain spaces(public spaces or private) ESPECIALLY the space has a certain rule that is strictly against use of harassing words. Riot takes a similar measure. They wont review and deal with every single cases, its waste of time and do nothing good for them. I hope you have the ability to comprehend this

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