1. Question, if you use a monthly free asset, can you keep using it forever? Or just for that month?

  2. Aglio E Olio is a wonderful pasta dish if done right. Serve with a moscato or a pinot if you like wine.

  3. No, fuck app bloat. I am not paying for a script that opens a file in another program, and I am not wasting disk space on a launcher so non-competing that it functions as an add-on for another, better launcher. It is using my drive and processor and offering me nothing in return. Any company that does this can fuck right the hell off.

  4. Imagine being more loyal to a launcher than to the actual game you’re trying to play.

  5. Why would it make you happy if Epic Games shuts down? How would it impact your quality of life?

  6. He’d have one less thing living rent free in his head.

  7. Says the guy who clicked on an Epic news article.

  8. Fun fact, Rogue One/Scarif wasn’t shot on Bora Bora.

  9. Just use any of the AI generators out there.

  10. Because he is in fact probably selling something.

  11. Probably because he want talking to you lol.

  12. Did you just say 2042 looks like a mobile game? It has literally the best environmental tessellation I have ever seen

  13. Let’s be honest, OP has no idea what tessellation is.

  14. I’ve always had great experiences with Anker charging products. They seem to be well sorted out and are reasonably priced.

  15. Anker also has an excellent warranty. I’ve had two braided cords come apart after a couple years and they replaced both of them without any hassle.


  17. Will they not send you a replacement? Any band, regardless if it’s Apple made or not can be defective. This is sort of a dumb post.

  18. Do a screen recording of you searching for an app and show us.

  19. Or maybe the products are so good that there’s no reason to upgrade?

  20. Spoken like an addict. Can you even remember the last time you were excited to get a new phone?

  21. Being excited about tools is for kids. How old are you?

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