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  1. It's such a stupid and ridiculous looking strategy, puts a bad image on the player, too. Kills the spirit of the game atop of that. It starts to make the higher rank matches really ugly because the only tactic the majority of people have is spazzing out like they're having a seizure at their controller at every corner.

  2. I wish Sunrise would make that drain leg balance when you do that so u will fall over after extended spazzing. Maybe I will suggest that to them.

  3. The suits should have to briefly slow down when they turn so they get stuck in place briefly on top of adding leg stress. Something that penalizes that kind of movement or requires a wider range of turning. Sort of like how some FPS games penalize players who abuse spamming jump or crouch a bunch suddenly have their movement speed rapidly reduce down to them being stuck in place.

  4. One day I'll see one of these posted showing the White Dingo GM Sniper II. One day. Maybe.

  5. that thing looks so ridiculous and stupid that its hysterical.

  6. I'm not really looking forward to or wanting content that goes from F-91 and onwards, honestly. Hathaways Flash is the latest content of that timeline I'm interested in.

  7. That's a super Valid take, it's just there's just something about the F-91 that everytime I look at it, and hear it's theme I fall in love all over again, I love the movie so much and wish it got the series it deserved.

  8. It's just really bizarre to me, F91 and Crossbone. All of that just nearly feels like a different universe or something to me. I don't have anything against the designs, they're cool and unique but after Unicorn, it just feels bizarre or super out of place. It feels... like a definite product of its time and doesn't make sense now with where it is at. And it feels like Bandai doesn't really know what to do with it either, like they just stare at it and poke it with a stick a little.

  9. I remember laughing at Sonic forces cause the first level literally doesn't even require any input from the player.

  10. At most, $150. Even then, I probably wouldn't get it for more than like $60 myself. Most statues I have ever gotten just aren't worth the price.

  11. they already have some other arcade cabinets setup showing off some other 'clone' games. I kinda like the one I see showing the Quadra Tech V Turbo racing around like its in Outrun / Rad Racer. That one gets me to chuckle.

  12. I literally just want the woundwort at this point. There's nothing else I really want now besides I guess Xi Gundam.

  13. I think for most people this particular campaign was actually like... At the bottom of the lists. The Runner is the one that seems to have gotten the most people emotionally.

  14. Eh. I'm not crazy about it either, but it's better than getting a shit map like Impact Site or Arctic Base for literal ten thousandth god damn time instead of everything else for some incredibly small fraction of the time.

  15. On one hand, yeah, thats kinda of wild how much they tanked through that. On the other hand though, I'm kind of just raising a brow and side eyeing you for trying to do that Infinite combo shit and especially as a raid. I don't really feel much sympathy for someone who revolves their whoooole entire strategy around that shit. That's just lame and kinda of dirty in my eyes to literally entirely depend on stunlocking. Just feels like one trick pony stuff that doesn't make for an interesting or fun fight.

  16. I just used the banshee and spammed the heavy attack over and over and over. It was pretty quick thanks to that

  17. I would have to check again, but I think I run a pretty balanced loadout, honestly. Resistance parts and melee damage parts, plus an educational computer part.I didn't even bother to change it for the boss battle either.

  18. Heaviness. There's way too many games that are speedy and floaty, and it just doesn't feel like an enjoyable mech game that way. Just feels like toys or rc cars zooming around in those cases. I want there to be weight, scale, proper sound with each and every step.

  19. I hear this guy's name brought up every now and then, and I still have no fucking clue who or what he is other than the fact he sounds kinda like a totally sad douchetuber or something. So uh... Safe to say I don't fear you or know who you are, either dude. I'm not really interested in finding out either.

  20. Do yourself a favor and don't look the guy up at all. The algorithm will never let you go! I searched one time to see who he was and now he pops up on my YouTube shorts, on TikToks - you fucking name it and there he is. Always saying some stupid shit

  21. Oh god, yeah fuck that noise. I just love it when one small search suddenly floods all my content and feeds, and in the case of having it be of some douche like that guy would be annoying as hell. I'll gladly continue to ignore them in that case.

  22. The only controllers that I have had that ever got drift were my first joycons for my switch, that's it. I'm assuming it cause of how much I took that thing on my travels, too, honestly. Had 2 ps5 controllers since it launched, and they've held up well this whole time... I dont understand how someone could go through controllers THAT fast.

  23. Uh... I'm confused by all the comments here. I have this car on Single-player. It was literally the first vehicle I bought at A tier as soon as I possibly could after my mustang at the beginning, with the sole intention to turn it into the Most Wanted car. I did play and beat NFS Heat, and 2015 if that has any impact on this.

  24. Y’all don’t mute the game and have a show playing in the background? Just me?

  25. Music is kind of a huge part of these experiences, honestly. Helps get you in the zone or hyped, gives some motivation. If your music is there and it's good, it can make the experience 10 times better or even give a performance boost. If it's just awkward or takes you out of the zone though, or is just straight up unfitting, it kind of kills the experience.

  26. Did he say every game? And I feel that metal would fit unbound greatly. Have you never gone 200+ MPH down a straight away and listened to the free bird guitar solo? It’s magical

  27. It actually does fit unbound amazingly well. I made an entire playlist of all the biggest hits from Racing games soundtracks and some personal inserts as well, it's a night and day difference on how much of a more appropriate fit it is. Has made the experience so much more enjoyable tbh.

  28. Thats... Incredibly dumb and questionable. Steadily feeling like each new Need For Speed just dials the customization back to do less and less.

  29. Yeah, I'll probably do the same, but it's not what they were going for

  30. It just unfortunately didn't mesh at all to me, and it seems like it hasn't for a lot of people. Even my group of friends hated listening to it and they're all a wide variety of tastes. In the meantime though, I hope you get a nice playlist that makes you happy and something you can get into the zone with while playing. I feel like that's essential to these experiences.

  31. Thanks! I'll listen to it, I already saved a few songs from the playlist

  32. Sweet, I'm glad to hear that! Hope you enjoy it, good luck, and have fun out there.

  33. The soundtrack in general on this game is the worst soundtrack I have *ever* heard for a game, period.

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