1. So it looks like you are looking for a 25/hr paying job to work max 30 hours a week…..What skills do you have? any degrees? No one can help if you don’t list what you know / have. GL

  2. Felt pretty bad today lol. Girl next to me was loading up weights on the leg press as i was taking my weights off so i asked her if she wanted me to put a plate on for her. Next thing i know she says “oh okay sorry” and leaves to another machine. I think she thought i was telling her im using it when i wasn’t lol.

  3. I usually try not to engage people in this sub anymore but why wouldn’t you just to explain to her what happened

  4. was the first part of your post necessary? Lmao

  5. Why is this on the facepalm sub? Let the guy take food home for his family regardless if he is stealing. It ain’t hurting your pocket.

  6. If you're not massive, make sure you have some muscle showing at the gym next week so you aren't mistaken for a resolutioner.

  7. I once saw a guy get fired only minutes after walking into the building on his first day.

  8. Used to work at a warehouse new hire came in the morning of into the break room and said “where’s this ni**a Ibu (manager) at?” Dude did not even make it past the break room.

  9. CVS has remote positions open for their call center. Unfortunately without much experience or education you are going to have to settle for a customer service high volume call job. Apply and see. GL

  10. That’s my issue with the casual perception of bodybuilding, “ah yeah, they take steroids” when they see someone who has dedicated their very existence to the art of bodybuilding, when in reality a lot of athletes, celebrities, models also use the same drugs but from a casual perspective, “they just work hard”. That person is an idiot.

  11. That and the average person who thinks they can take steroids, eat like shit & not train and think they can look half as good as any pro.

  12. You are going to get burnt out quick but best of luck.

  13. Sounds like you failed to plan and are making excuses imo. Good thing is there are plenty of shows to do better at if you are going to continue.

  14. Saw your post a few months back and just told myself it was a matter of time before this guy turns pro. Congrats man!

  15. Im all for over-employed but taking calls for 2 different companies at the same time is going to be hard lol.

  16. Honestly, no. Recently we've been expected to be on zoom for 6 hours a day, and management has never modeled taking breaks. We pretend to take calls to go on mute and cut the camera. Its 100% a form of micromanagement as the CEO is feeling the economy effecting business. It sucks so bad.

  17. Are you serious ? You have to be on zoom during your whole shift camera on and everything?

  18. Watching the most swoll guy at the gym ripping cigs after a heavy squat session is kinda motivating me to start smoking tbh

  19. I recently got promoted to a problem manager at my job. I get off the phones now and just focus on tickets that require escalation and help the analysts with their calls if they need help. I guess its still within the realm of help desk but at least barely to no calls lol. Maybe try seeing if that is an option?

  20. One of my favorites for the O. Very good dude to watch

  21. One of my closest friends has a great body, 6'0, 220lbs and probably around 12-14% bodyfat.

  22. Lmao yes there are plenty of people who don’t track shit and look great and on the flip side there are many who do track and look like shit.

  23. My caffeine addiction has gotten wild, I spent all day yesterday with a splitting headache and was wondering why until I had a cup of coffee

  24. You just reminded me i need to go make my 4th cup of coffee for today lmao

  25. Did Drew get a little tubby? Still looks great tho lol

  26. Still thinking about that guy who started lifting seriously 2 years ago and looks better than i have training for the past 8 :(

  27. A fast food job doesn't help me care for my wife or my son. I require a remote job...

  28. Keep applying bud but if you cant find remote soon out to the field you go. Took me 3 months to land another remote job after my last one.

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