1. Spouse is diabetic and had to go through hoops to get on it because of this.

  2. And considering her dad is 61 if he was doing things he shouldn't in his 20's he very likely wouldn't have heard about DNA testing being a danger until at least his 30's if he wasn't involved with law enforcement or a sci-fi geek..

  3. Doesn’t matter. Police will save evidence from cold cases for years until forensic science updates.

  4. I just brew a small pot and drink it throughout the day. Since I don’t usually add anything it doesn’t matter as much; but if I do, I add it to the pot, not the cup.

  5. “Authentication sounds scripted” No shit, Sherlock. I take upwards of 50 calls per day. No way am I going to be able to make each one sound new or exciting. There’s no way to slip these into a conversation without extending the call, or having it sound forced either. Can you imagine? “The weather is good here; by the way, what’s your date of birth?”

  6. Hopefully we’ll get a break. I’m excited for the opportunity to work on some of the side projects for a while.

  7. I’m not using Chrome, I use Safari but I had that happen to me for a while. Eventually it seemed to fix itself; not sure if it was an iOS update or what.

  8. Red Hot Chili Peppers—Blood Sugar Sex Magic

  9. A casual friend who had this problem said that she and her husband snuck out seemingly unused toys and put them in a storage space. If the kid didn’t ask about it within a set period (say, six months), then it would get donated. She donated enough toys it helped with her taxes.

  10. Also, if the parents haven't set up a special needs trust as the beneficiary of the life insurance, Paula will lose her SSDI, because any inheritance disqualifies you from benefits. OP's situation is tragic. And nightmarish.

  11. She could get benefits from her parents SS once they start taking retirement; an inheritance wouldn’t affect that. However, it would still affect the SSI and possibly the Medicaid.

  12. I wonder about the algorithm also. If i rate certain genres lower, does that mean that I’m getting other genres more often?

  13. The Christmas album was also a compilation as well.

  14. Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who. You can throw him under a bus any day. In fact, since he’s immortal, you can throw him under several buses.

  15. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West

  16. NTA It seems as if she was buying one for her daughter to play with when they were visiting and she didn’t want to have to deal with potential issues if there were “adult” games on it.

  17. Not really medical advice so much as confirmation of reports. There were early reports that seemed to confirm it in rats, so it's not purely anecdotal

  18. “Early reports” are dubious at best. They aren’t anywhere near the same level as actual proven facts.

  19. I got a new album. It seemed fine for me.

  20. Oh, I was able to get to my new album right when it became available, but then it was stuck loading. It seems to be fixed now?

  21. Possibly? I normally also sometimes have an issue with the website loading old info on the album or the history page, but it came right up for me without problems this time.

  22. I’ve gotten burned out on the events. There’s so many that it interferes with the playing of the main game.

  23. Old fashioned paper. Apparently it looks like I’m taking notes during meetings. And there’s always breaks and lunch.

  24. There’s normally an executive order about Christmas Eve. I have to admit that I’m curious about this year because both Christmas Eve and Day fall on the weekend.

  25. Postal worker here. A lot of spam mail is sent bulk rate and delivered to “current resident or” insert name. We have to deliver it but you don’t have to keep it. If it’s first class or “return service requested” or “electronic service requested” then mark it ANK and put it in outgoing mail and they’ll send it back. Let your carrier know that someone is intentionally sending you this stuff in someone else’s name and ask that only things with your name be delivered. It may help some.

  26. I once saved up a bunch of mail sent to the previous owner of my house, then put return to sender on everything and put it back in a collection box. Even the junk. Got some new junk mail with “Or Current Resident” highlighted for a bit, but everything else stopped. I was happy.

  27. It's a close cognate of "blamethrower", which I consider to be the OG-non-flamethrower-thrower

  28. It’s in Mystery Men; a really fun movie.

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