1. How strong (%THC) were some of these varieties?

  2. I remember Odd Rods — from the early 70s?

  3. Thats very important! Happy for you. But get better soon

  4. Would Fresca work good with Bombay Sapphire? I just happened to pick up a 2 liter of Fresca before I saw this never heard of it before

  5. IMHO it is worth a try with any gin that is enhanced by grapefruit

  6. Plunder: A Pirates Life. Sorry about the lousy picture. It was a lot of fun to play.

  7. Our dryer won’t shut its pie hole. Who wants appliances that constantly insist upon themselves?

  8. It must be a cultural thing. I, for one, think appliances should be seen and not heard.

  9. Apparently these were issued without a test. Just $2 and here ya go!

  10. Ugh. This seems to happen to me every Christmas season. I’ll be thankful when I can get back on my workout sched! 😆

  11. The bottle has a recipe for a drink called a Bollinger but my neighborhood liquor store does not have Chartreuse

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