1. Im currently on this sub looking for the answers for this exact situation

  2. No answers yet. Think we’ll have to figure this one out ourselves buddy!

  3. I have never once shared a porn link with my friends. I’ve never even done that thing of going through social media profiles with them to see who is “hot or not”

  4. Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.

  5. Why are you doing it on a phone and not a laptop

  6. My setup requires I’m on a phone. But still the same problem even on a laptop, I used to do it by laptop

  7. An obvious one: traffic. I wouldn’t mind traffic too much even if I was going at a snails pace but constantly in motion. It’s the constant starting and stopping that frustrates me.

  8. I’d say grit and mental fortitude.

  9. That happened to me once. I wanted to message Slack to say goodbye to my colleagues on my firing and couldn’t even do that. Was thinking about my message and then boom, you have no access.

  10. Could be wrong but it seemed to me every liked Elon Musk a few years ago but now everyone seems to hate him.

  11. git pull is just an alias for git fetch followed by git merge. Called without any arguments it will fetch the latest state of each branch, updating your remote tracking branches (e.g. origin/develop), and merging the currently checked out branch with its remote tracking branch (I.e. merging foo with origin/foo). When your colleague is saying to do a git pull every day, they mean to perform git pull on develop and then in addition perform a git merge in your feature branch.This is so that your work doesn't diverge from what everyone else is doing by more than a day. Running just git pull in your feature branch alone will, as you say, do nothing it nothing has changed on your feature branch on the remote server.

  12. Thank you! I knew there was something I was missing; the merge command. That you can just merge with develop.

  13. I thought clientele was Cli and tell.

  14. I’m gonna take a different approach and say a stripper because you’re gonna make zilch

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