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  1. Not bad growth for 2 months at all - keep it going and I'm sure you'll be happy man!

  2. Wish I had been born into that family! lol I'm the only beard loving guy in my whole family. Gotta do what I can haha

  3. I noticed the myrtle beach short on your page. You from around? Im originally from Spartanburg

  4. Damn - I have a Myrtle Beach pic on my page? lol Must be going on 8-10 years since last there. haha No I'm up in York, PA Sorry man

  5. My last supervisor i had before getting out of the military was from PA. Some small farm town not sure the name.

  6. well there are PLENTY of small farm towns here in PA without question. haha I'm about 50 miles north of Baltimore to give you a clue where I'm at.

  7. You've got the look I love - buzzed/nearly shaved head, thick beautiful beard and I can only imagine how hairy you must be to have the first 2 characteristics! WOOF

  8. As I've said to too many guys like yourself...I'm just f'ing jealous!!!!! Keep the growth coming man!

  9. I want to have your problem of needing to trim up an outstanding beard! I say go unshaven as long as you can without an employer telling you what to do. I SO WISH I HAD YOUR ISSUE here LOL

  10. OMG that suits you and your glasses are spot on!!! Excellent new look man. Wear it with pride!

  11. If it's one thing I like, it's a Big bearded, hairy man of color! WOOF!!!!! Hope not to offend...just what I like!

  12. Thanks for the kind words. I'm pretty sure that competition length is measured from the bottom of the lower lip to the full free-hanging length on the chin. Mine is quite a bit longer if I pull the hairs straight.

  13. I have only taken a ruler from the bottom of my chin to the end of the hairs. However, I do not have your genetics, so since your lower lip / chin hairs have much greater length than mine, I guess you're ok to measure from there. haha

  14. I always thought that this measurement method was a little odd.....someone with stubble technically already has a 2" beard.

  15. So as my beard grows VERY slowly (it took 18 months to grow out 4"...from base of chin), I still believe it should be measured the way I do and not from lip bottom - but your beard and stache are incredible regardless!!! WOOF

  16. So your idea of long, isn't long imo but I will always prefer a longer thicker beard. Yours looks good with the length added.

  17. Thanks man. Yeah someone else made your point too I agree. I should’ve said “full” because I work as a software engineer, can’t be unkempt. But I agree full is the look

  18. Sorry - didn't see the other comment - sucks because I'd love to see you with a big full beard - too bad your career has certain requirements regarding facial hair. Someday ;)

  19. I love the goatee man! Hope to see it longer as time progresses.

  20. Your family needs to keep their opinions to themselves unless it's in your favor LOL I will forever admire guys like you who have great beard growing genes!

  21. Good call man! It needs to breath too HAHA

  22. virtual perfection! I'd take being mostly bald to have those facial and body hairy growing abilities.

  23. Damn man! I thought the short hair cut worked for you (with the hairy chest, but these long haired pics - freaking A! You can't lose for a being a great looking man!

  24. GROW IT OUT!!!!! Always better thicker imo

  25. WOW - but will also always appreciate a good looking long haired guy too ;)

  26. A huge YES!!!!!!! Looks great Plus looks like you're a hairy chested man, so it may have been eventual that you not just lose the long hair, but buzz it down. You've got a look that works many ways but def keep the beard longer to offset the bald head.

  27. I want to! I used to just let the whole beard grow out but I’ve been digging the stache, I hope I condition her to like it asap.

  28. If not, lose her! I get tired of hearing how some women hate facial hair for a man who clearly can grow it. If she loves you, she'll love even your beard or stache!

  29. You guys definitely have great hair genetics behind you. So jealous! I'd rather be bald too if I could grow beards as awesome as yours.

  30. For real??? ummm jealous haha Embrace the genetics man! You grow a great beard!

  31. Despite some patchy spots, I think it looks great! As you continue to let it grow, it'll fill in even better. Keep it up man!

  32. and 3 plus years later, how long is it? That's incredible!!!!

  33. Lucky MF'er lol I see genetics was raised as a topic earlier. I know that is a major factor. I'll forever be in awe of guys like you who have the body and beard hair factor in your favor!

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