1. oh wow a 4080 at 1080p Extreme, fantastic. /s

  2. I dont game at 1080p sir. This is just the popular benchmark to use and to compare to others. Sorry you don't understand.

  3. I do understand. I don’t comply with non-gaming benchmarks. I have that mindset where if I did overclock, I just send it with the most intensive game I have in my library

  4. First off, 64’s a tad much unless you’re running resource-intensive games or heavy productivity. 16’s fine for a TON of games, and 32’s more of a jack-of-all trades, and most DDR4 modules are compatible with any board.

  5. As in power strip/surge protector? Absolutely not, wtf are you thinking? It'll save your PC in the event of a surge or any electricidal grid anomaly if anything

  6. While as neat as this is, I feel like it’s over-engineering for a sidegrade, cooling-wise.

  7. Yeesh yeah, however it’s locked at 90% power. Not as risky but still.

  8. I’m eyeing this thing. Realllly want a build to fully suffice the smolness of the A2000

  9. Certain things like this have happened in the past. LTT just reviewed a motherboard from here a little bit ago. Think it was a Z490 AM4 board, engineering sample I think. Complicated but yeah it exists.

  10. Wait. Why would you want to convert a vital connector to a 8-pin?

  11. I'm currently doing that, the dell optiplexes have proprietary mobos and need to have the 24 pin converted to 8. It's always worked perfectly fine for me but yeah it's best to not use adapters.

  12. Okay this is old as hell already. I've seen this like 10 times in the past 24h.

  13. If it’s just work that you’re doing, that doesn’t matter at all. You’re being paid to be there, so. If it’s slow and you’re working on the PC, you’re being paid to sit around.

  14. Nope. As potato as CS:GO is, that ain’t running. Something like a cheap Ryzen APU or a cheap dGPU setup will work.

  15. hmm. 1,200$. full new build utilizing used last gen parts.

  16. forget reusing RAM, then. Just carry the HDD over into the new build.

  17. I don't see a problem. You might be bottlenecked by the game engine(which if you went above, you'd have issues)

  18. if you know how to solder, yes. If not, just get a new antenna, or better yet, a set of individual solid antennas.

  19. I cannot wait for the day Gaijin introduces googly eyes on tanks as decor

  20. No they’re just static eye decals. I’m thinking legitimate dynamic googly eyes

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