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  1. Step 1: Alliance and Horde fight each other

  2. These two classes play very differently. I’d suggest going watch some videos and see which you like more.

  3. So how did he die exactly? Did he stay to write the message, in doing so perished in the explosion? Any additional details?

  4. The explosion itself killed him as his telegraph station was close enough to the ship. Some of his things are actually kept in a museum in Halifax, like the telegraph key he used to send the message as well as his pocket watch which I believe it's hands are frozen at the very moment of the explosion

  5. You can also turn conquest items to tier so you can farm conquest and get a piece that way.

  6. Can someone explain what the hell is happening in the first scene?

  7. My guy used a surfboard and had to jump from ditch to ditch when the water was high.

  8. Quick question, if you know.. Can I do the 4 mythic before picking up my item in the vault, and the 4 dungeon will still count afterwards ? Or I need to take the gear before going on new content ‘cause it will not add them to the vault for next week?

  9. Your vault is only from the prior week’s work. You can pick it up anytime this week before reset.

  10. Yeah that’s what I wanted to know, if i could pick the item after the 4 mythic, just in case I’m so unlucky that I loot a piece i’ve choose in the vault xD But yeah I know it doesnt add to this opened vault ^ I was saying for the next week one ^ Thanks !

  11. I currently play Blood as NF. What covenant do you run? Most run Kyrian.

  12. Kyrian is just busted, lots of damage and strong Soulbind. My main is monk, it’s not awful it just doesn’t compete with bDK at super high keys. Like others have mentioned, you can take any tank to 20-25 and not notice a difference in a few weeks.

  13. I’m counting on my Taz’s and Mech’s to carry my Kara’s haha

  14. The beginning of a patch/expansion you get these types coming out the wood work.

  15. Take 167 south, all the way to Abbeville. You’ll find Shucks, go there.

  16. It's not a question of where he GRIPS it, it's a simple question of weight ratios.....LOL! How I adore that movie!

  17. “A five ounce bird could not carry a one pound coconut!”

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