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  1. I dunno why people are putting him down. Dude nailed it for being put on the spot outta no where

  2. His father must of been radical left cause he only gave him a small loan of a million dollars...

  3. Any attack on his ego is an attack on his life itself. Cause that's all he's managed to do in his pathetic life, build an ego. Not our economy

  4. It's actually C. The others are normal but Ariel C sends money to Alex Jones and regularly watches the Young Turks

  5. It's always someone who has the money to buy the rights but not the love for the franchise itself, that make these shitty cash grabs off name alone. Doesn't help matters when you completely change a beloved character and expect no pushback from fans/critics...

  6. It's because he never had Goku train him to fully unleash his sayian potential

  7. I hate that stupid f****** sign that the lady's holding. The thing is, is that Trump supporters are not silent. So don't go acting like the rest of us who may not be as vocal stand with Trump.. cuz that's a load of horseshit

  8. I would put a sign right at the edge of the Grand Canyon that says American Border

  9. He's not president and it's not a political arrest....he's a dangerous moron who can't be allowed to spread his influence anymore and can't be allowed to get away with his crooked sense of being any longer

  10. Use azazel, play normal, hope for good items and NEVER stop moving. Also turn your PC brightness at max so you can see if mom's foot is about to stomp you.

  11. That's the best advice you'll get right there. It's rough but very doable with great items

  12. I didn't know she even had a kid. But idgaf about Beyonce anyway

  13. 12 years of guarenteed peace.... who's guaranteeing that? During Trump's presidency we saw the highest amount of school shootings happen during a presidential term and It was only 4 years

  14. That what I thought bitch, a baseball bat can knock you out. The more you know!

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