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  1. I love watching people fuck with their bodies intertwined like this. 🥵

  2. I'm jealous that you could see them without the face blurring. 😳

  3. I cannot really see with this angle, but it looks like you are fingerpicking the bass. If that's true, I would say that it is unconventional, but not weird.

  4. Pegging is one of the manliest, toughest things a man can do, in my eyes.

  5. I'd like to, but I'd probably be too shy to initiate. 😳

  6. There is one with audio 😈and thats our goal, to make 'raw' real amateur stuff

  7. I love seeing women in such a powerful position... 🥵

  8. I love the videos of you two that show your bodies wrapped together. Its so hot and you never really see stuff like that in porn.

  9. It's funny, my partner loves androgynous women/enbies (especially in flannel). But most of those he crushed on weren't interested. And then I came into the picture and he finally got his wish 🤭

  10. Lol me: a not so feminine bi woman hoping that twinkie guy is into women at all. :-(

  11. S✨C✨I✨E✨N✨C✨E✨R✨U✨L✨E✨S

  12. Oh god yes. I have an unfortunate history of crushing on butch women who turn out to be lesbians ...which makes the crush all the more intense, cos they're unattainable. Catch 22! :D

  13. Real. As a masculine trans man I literally cannot count the amount of times I’ve crushed on a masc/androgynous woman only for her to turn out to be gay lmao

  14. I have watched couples have sex multiple times. It’s not a very flashy experience, but it was a lot of fun for everyone involved.

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