Fantasy football - Mental health and surviving the season

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  1. My friend is getting paid $100 for trimming a LB. Is that good or bad? What's the going rate?

  2. Depends on the set up of the organization. Trap shop or fully legalized. Do they pay by the hour? I worked at one spot that was $160 for an 8 hour work day and another spot that paid $18 an hour

  3. Theoretically that sounds amazing (and Fkn impossible) if I’m reading that right. $100 for one LB???

  4. Sugar Flip, apple blast, cherry on top

  5. You look like a chill mf. Enjoy your time out there.

  6. Wedding 🎂, cream, 🍌 & slurricane

  7. Wedding 🎂, cream, 🍌 & slurricane

  8. The lines were around the block like a new Jordan release

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