1. What an absolute load of bullshit. I read his own self-serving article that shamelessly linked to more of his own articles. So the state spent a shitload of money to renovate their building but now they never use it for its intended purpose and now he thinks more money should be spent for another whole building? What in the actual fuck? And the logic (and I use the word "logic" loosely) behind not wanting to move back in is because he doesn't like the other building's confederate history. So what? If he's so anti-confederate then what better way is there to thumb ones nose at that history than to take over that old building and do something better with it? Oh, yeah, how about spend a shit load of money for something new and shiny that extremely few people think that, based on the merit of their work, they actually deserve...yeah, right, great idea. I also really didn't buy the whole changing his mind thing. Oh, he didn't like how the state spent its federal COVID money on unnecessary bullshit, so now he wants more money to be spent on other unnecessary bullshit

  2. The official car of the GI who got stationed in Germany and brought this with only to realize it's too big to fit down any side roads and too slow for the autobahn and no one wants to work on its incessant maintenance problems over there due to lack of parts so he offloaded it on the post lemon lot and bought an old BMW or Mercedes that he then spent 3 times the purchase price on to retrofit to US specs so he could bring it back home and look cool for all the other Joes who'd instantly recognize he'd been stationed in Germany only to realize that no one wants to work on a converted German car's incessant maintenance problems over here due to lack of parts so he offloaded it on the post lemon lot where it sat overpriced for a year because "I know what I got and you can't get these over here" until he finally broke down and offloaded it for a fraction of what he had into it because the next PCS move was right around the corner and it simply had to go.

  3. What time? What part of town do you want to eat? Do you want full service or are you looking for casual?

  4. Lol, why the downvotes? Those are relevant questions when planning a birthday outing and a lot of the Mediterranean places might not work so well with the plan even if the food is good.

  5. Pita Mediterranean on the corner of Hughes and Brown's Ferry is delicious. More of a lunch spot if eating in but they also do takeout.

  6. Yes, sadly it’s an uphill battle in this state.

  7. I did a similar thing at the Federal Courthouse in Decatur with a 2 inch Case knife. The guy told me to take it to the car and I just slipped it between the sod and the edger of the flowerbed and came back inside. Unfortunately he knew I didn't have time to go all the way to the car so I got the full pat down and the 3rd degree before the head of security recognized me as the guy who was there to do a site survey for their fiber connection to Huntsville and told the guard to stop busting my balls.

  8. Interesting. Just a few days ago I went into the new service center to get plates and registration and forgot to leave my pocket knife in the car. Told them at the screening point I had to go back to the car because I forgot about it and they asked "How long? Let's see." It has a 3" blade...showed it to them and they said no problem. Took it right through in the basket with my wallet and keys and said "have a nice day".

  9. Yeah, that's how is "should" be because reasonable people understand that not every sharp, pointy object is a weapon.

  10. Good thing I never had the handle engraved with "Stabby McStabface" like I wanted....

  11. Came here to badmouth some random popular restaurant just to start would seem that damage has already been done and spectacularly so.

  12. Ted Cruz loves to piss his pants because he likes the warm wet feeling between his legs

  13. Excuse me...may I go to the bathroom first?

  14. This sub is becoming a place where sarcasm without the "/s" at the end gets downvoted regardless of how blatant the sarcasm is.

  15. Real question: Is theft of OE rims even a thing around here? I recently picked up an Odyssey and it has a set of locking lug nuts. It came with the key and 4 extra standard nuts, so I'm thinking about shelving the locks.

  16. Their chicken doesn't taste like it hates gay people...

  17. The final pieces of equipment are a 1970's merry go round and a metal slide oriented perfectly towards the sun. The mud also stays.

  18. When you say 1970's merry go round, are you talking the 15' across rickety metal frame with splintery wood that takes 1/2 dozen kids pushing constantly to keep it going? or the little round diamond plate type (usually with mostly worn off orange paint) with steel pipe handles dividing the circle into thirds? You know, the type you get going just a little then pull in to the middle and watch the vomit fly.... because I'm on board for either style...better yet, both. Such fond childhood memories

  19. The metal one that produces vomit, along with 500 degree slides and 20ft monkey bars created one of the hardest generations in the history of mankind.

  20. Lol...which monkey bars did you prefer, the ones with big pipes that twisted in the wood beams so you could never get a good grip or the small diameter welded steel that caused blisters on the first pass? But of course there were 0 rules about height and distance from platforms which usually meant walking across the top of them was the easier route either way.

  21. The official car of: getting back from a test drive off a used car lot and telling the salesperson which gears no longer exist.

  22. I'm pretty sure you connect that to the pussy magnet

  23. And the EMP suppressor box which is equally effective at its stated purpose.

  24. To clarify- not talking drive for a long time. Probably just like ~30 miles to/from work. I’ve got a new driveshaft coming in Tuesday, so it would only be until then

  25. Just don't. That clip is already partially gone. Nothing holding it in but rust. If it goes, it goes violently, and becomes a heavy steel pipe spinning and flailing beating on everything near by like a drunkard swinging a sledgehammer. It would probably also take out the pinion on the axle end and worst case get someone killed.

  26. If you think this rocket is stopping the state from spending money on education, roads, or public works then you don’t understand this state.

  27. It’s like Texas over here there’s so many feral hogs about

  28. Hey hey, the man with the badge, the po-lice, the cops, the fuzz, the P I...

  29. Yeah, so vaguely it's apparent only to those with the mentality of a 14 year-old boy.

  30. Or someone who should probably go see a Dr and get that checked out if that's what they think it's supposed to look like...

  31. 1972 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency with rear wheel well covers and full vinyl Landau roof. The anniversary edition that was registered at Tiffany's.

  32. You guys gotta look at the details. Truck is in nice shape other than the paint delaminating. Also has matching brand tires with all terrains on the back of this 2wd truck with highway treads on the front for better ride. No significant body damage just dents on a 20 year old truck. My guess they have multiple vehicles. They are there to buy.

  33. Or it was recently purchased from the guy you're talking about. It was probably bought gently used by that person and sold 15 years later in good shape for its age only showing wear and tear.

  34. No, the first one was. Second comment is the exact same joke, rephrased. 🧐

  35. They are probably all trying to figure out whose jurisdiction it is. I bet something started in Limestone and went through 3 4 jurisdictions on the way.

  36. You can cross 4 jurisdictions by pretty much walking around the block over there around County Line / 72 / Old RR Bed.

  37. The state of Alabama spent $1.7M on "experts" who had an opinion that was so against the prevailing opinion in medicine that the state had to look outside the US to find them. One came from as far as Australia. The "experts" had little to no experience treating gender dysphoria or even pediatrics.

  38. Keeping with the long tradition of paying disgusting amounts of money to "experts" for them to say exactly what you want them to say...Not even an exclusive to Alabama thing.

  39. Roller, no motor or transmission

  40. It's been alongside an Alabama highway for how many years? Most street signs can't make it a month before their first bullet hole....just sayin'

  41. The article says 1870s so the family very likely acquired the land as part of the post Civil War era Southern Homestead act.

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