1. Was the other one through a car window by any chance?

  2. I was too, but I ordered twice off of flipaquatics and they all came alive in a nice breeder bag and are doing great. You can even pay extra for a portable heater to be added to the bag.

  3. Imagine ur girl cheats on u w that dude 💀💀💀 rough

  4. Yeah I was like bro op I feel bad for you because she cheated on you for that thing...

  5. I really like the way it looks. Do you ever forget how far it sticks out and tap anything backing up?

  6. Nope but also I don't drive in like parking garages and stuff with a concrete wall

  7. 20 gallon setup, has been running for just beyond 2 years. Wanted to captivate a 9 year old and get them involved in the hobby so went for an epiphyte-heavy, low bioload, low maintenance tank. Nothing special about it and that's what makes it special to us! Basic tank lacking complexity, great for a child.

  8. It's beautiful man. Just put up another 10g for some red riles we will see how it goes. Keep up the good work man

  9. what about substrate? what do you have in there and are there any animals in it? i should of asked all this in one shot

  10. It's just black sand and the only thing in it is a snail but I have some shrimp in the mail and another snail

  11. 2 solutions both will work and both have their ups and downs.

  12. If I take out like 30 percent water and replace with the ro water would I still need to remineralize or would it be good? Also what's some good salt to do thus with

  13. Maybe if you guys weren't so weird about pissing next to each other there would be.

  14. I'm going to assume you are a female, imagine letting loose a flow of waste while being shoulder to sholder while looking at someones yknow. Maybe if dividers were everywhere and went to the roof

  15. Am male, just am not child. They’re not pissing on you

  16. Ah. I don’t think I’d breed them but I’d love to put some in one of my other tanks. Right now I’m just trying to get my plants in that specific tank to grow so that when I do get the chance to get some I won’t have to worry as much. So, that’s good to know. I’ve got cherry shrimp and they are thriving at the moment.

  17. You're starting again with the heartiest seven of the bunch! They will bounce back with time, have some patience - and I'm so sorry that happened.

  18. I was about to say, op is about to breed some super ammonia resistance shrimp

  19. Would definitely add more plants or hiding spots for them!

  20. After being used with tap water for so long time it should lose most of its buffering capacity. Measure pH and KH and you will see.

  21. Alright sounds good. Trying ro figure out why the 11 I introduced started dying off and still looking. No ammonia, ph is a bit high around 7.8. Fed them once and they gobbled it up fast. Also the water is super cloudy but I don't wanna do a massive water change

  22. It will lower your PH which may not be ideal but t if you use it and you water doesn’t stay too acidic I don’t see why there would be any issue.

  23. Just some guesses.. do you know if you got all of one sex? Also what’s the temp? My shrimp started baby making like crazy once I lowered the temp from 78° to about 70°.

  24. I mean fully grown adult shrimp are dying. 11 were put in a week ago and now i have 4 left and idk what I did wrong

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