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  1. I was always partial to The Quick and the Dead.

  2. I think the issue is that it's something they fundamentally can't describe because it is something they fundamentally can't understand.

  3. Losing depth on the most injury prone team in the league should be a point of major focus in the draft.

  4. How would we know? None of the games are being broadcasted.

  5. I think there were a couple that flew at the Borg cube in The Best of Both Worlds. Extremely effective.

  6. Are you saying that a line must be drawn? This far and no further?

  7. In general viruses are not considered to be alive. Viruses come in many forms but usually contain (1) a genome that contains the code to make the viral proteins, (2) some proteins that can help the virus enter the cells of an organism as well as kick start its replication (making more viruses) in another organisms cells. Viruses are not considered living because they are highly depended on a host to do anything.

  8. I guess Kanye can be considered not alive, as he very much requires an audience.

  9. That shot of the girl running the stairs to get her fathers medicine, all being a reflection in a mirror, still blows my mind to this day.

  10. Isn't electricity just a natural phenomena anyway?

  11. Rhode Island should be renamed Weekapaug-upon-Quonochontaug.

  12. It's hard to blame the forklift guy in that scenario. A feather would have knocked it all down anyway.

  13. Bungie should install a Zavala statue in his typical place at the Tower. Forever remembered.

  14. I think he injured/broke his rib in training a while back, though he might also just have a slow start.

  15. I don't know. 0-4 is one hell of a slow start.

  16. In september he started with 0-3 and ended with 11-4, so there's still hope...

  17. If anyone can do it, a flying monkey can.

  18. Everything else on Venus is so hostile to human life, perhaps volcanos spew chocolate.

  19. Reality Shock. A blend of a popup powerbomb into a crippling crossface.

  20. “ChatGPT Plus subscribers will get GPT-4 access on chat.openai.com with a usage cap”

  21. Can ChatGPT negotiate better subscription pricing for me?

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