1. I always assume they are being childish and impatient.

  2. Is it me or does it seem like the teams that ignored the budget cap, are suddenly "in talks" with the FIA to try and "understand" the rules as they were documented, which is an obvious ploy to try and weasel out of a penalty of some kind.

  3. I respect Pink Floyd because they are so odd, but I can imagine they are overrated by most people's standards.

  4. In LA with water being a limited commodity, I'll play it by ear. If I feel sweaty ND dirty from being out and about, as needed. If I spend a Work From Home day inside, I'll skip it.

  5. Maybe Toto is approaching Terunofuji for a possible driver position at Merc.

  6. What happened to Brody? He deserves more work.

  7. I don't see a big enough difference to warrent a comparison.

  8. I can fully believe in your right to be gay, while also being not interesting in seeing gay romance.

  9. Lately, I've been avoiding people who says they are an 'entrepreneur'.

  10. For real, nukes are not even our best weapons. I guarantee it. We could make Russia into a sheet of glass if we wanted, sure. Easy. It’d fuck the planet though and there’d be no need. Yeah guarantee you we could push a button and effectively eliminate any semblance of leadership in Russia if we wanted to. Tactically. Minimal civilian casualties. Nukes are junk compared to our tactical arsenal.

  11. Russian General: "What is it Lieutenent?"

  12. I won't go anywhere near Human Centipede.

  13. all that wait for a decision they could easily have made and implemented during the race…?

  14. They seemed to want to talk to Perez first.

  15. Can someone educate me? Is decree a stronger legal term than declare?

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