1. I love the old promos. I need to get these but there's so many cards on my buy list...

  2. Agreed most of my collection is Mrd mrl lob Lon, psv etc that I’ve held for almost 20 years . Truth be told the Japanese ones are generally way better looking though

  3. That's awesome! Same here. You can't beat the classics man,

  4. That EU print looks like MFC-000 at first glance not gonna lie although it's TCGPlayer price is $160 USD for a 1st edition. That's still a lot but not as much as a 1st edition MFC. Unlimited Edition MFC is like 2x a Yugi's World 1st.

  5. Yup, that's why I believe it's a great alternative.

  6. Depends what your intentions are with the card.

  7. If you plan to sell, keep it in the slab. If you plan to never sell, then crack it for binder. You could always regrade it and possibly get a 9 too depending how clean it is.

  8. Damn so sick! To bad PSA 8 at best with the bleed 👎

  9. It was a recent change. In times past bleed wasn't something they paid close attention to. Either it didn't matter at all, or it docked a point at best.

  10. MFC Dark Magician Girl 1st edition and the 3 most popular printings of Blue Eyes (SDK, LOB, DDS).

  11. Sweet pick up dude! Love the bigger artwork on the original OCG cards.

  12. That’s awesome! Unfortunately, I only have the unlimited

  13. Thank you! Nothing wrong with having the unlim at all. They're just as nostalgic!

  14. Lol, it's on its way to CGC currently :)

  15. So beautiful I am happy for you man. You know I am stuck in 5D's and prior in my collection. Something about seeing "Studio Dice/SHUEISHA" is just so ugly to me. I don't plan on ever collecting modern

  16. Thanks man! It was a relatively small goal to get these, but I’m happy they’re in my collection now. Yeah modern is trash. I only collect up to 5D’s with the exception of the Lost Art promos.

  17. The Black Rose Dragon one fits well in with your background-bush there.

  18. Didn’t realize it till now, but it really does haha

  19. "Orange peel" is the term you're looking for.

  20. I can’t unsee that now 😂

  21. Gorgeous card. 2002 BPT cards are some of the best looking ones ever made.

  22. Definitely! I’m trying to collect all 6. I have this and Black Skull Dragon :)

  23. I'm trying to collect all of them too! I need 3 more myself. Pretty hard to find them at a good price in good condition.

  24. If you get that TMAC graded and authenticated + want to sell, please let me kniw

  25. Definitely interested in selling. Gonna send it out to PSA tomorrow at express level. I'll update you when I get it back.

  26. Essential Credentials is just one of the most highly sought after parallels, like Precious Metal Gems. Even no name players are worth money in those (o sold a Donyell Marshall precious metal gem for $600). So when you have a good player, let alone their rookie, it skyrockets the value. That is a monster card.

  27. Ahh I see, that makes sense. Thanks for the reply!

  28. Whoa yeah that T-Mac is a credentials parallel. Cool stuff. Most of the others outside of the Kobe rookies are not huge cards but still have some value.

  29. Sweet. Do you know the value of the T-Mac raw? I see a PSA 9 for nearly 5k on eBay currently.

  30. Yes absolutely. I buy the card, not the grade and I mostly collect PSA 8 and 9 cards. Grading is subjective and paying 3 to 4 times more for PSA 10 just seems silly. But if you have the money, go ahead. On top of that, PSA absolutely control the population so they will purposely give you PSA 9 even if the card is PSA 10 worthy. Realistically, you can crack the case open and resubmit as many times as possible until they give you a 10.

  31. For grading YGO cards, which one holding values? CGC/BCG /PSA?

  32. Price and condition on Super War Lion?

  33. Your biggest L is buying a DDS blue eyes for $200 ?

  34. Sold it a year later for $250. Provided a comment about what happened and I thought I could maybe pin it, but only mods can. Sorry the post is a bit unclear haha

  35. Provided additional info in the comments. I no longer have it LOL

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