1. What a complete dumbass. Yaaaa let me pick up a shark hahahahahah coool dude

  2. You could always pay for membership and actually get to play the game without needing to earn bond money every week

  3. Yeah but what's the point of Googling how to do something that you're not going to to

  4. Maybe to educate yourself?!?!

  5. If its just for a green cash stack nah, youd be better off doing slayer and get fletching later on and with darts. I cut yews and got bowstring from tt for fletching levels and some gp to get going. But i wouldnt sink 100+ hours into it. Maybe do it in combination with some other strategies.

  6. I just started using them at Gotr to make combo runes

  7. Lol Na dude…you don’t alienate your paying customer base by only catering to the top 1%. We both pay for membership and should be provided equal protection or have equal effort put into account recovery.

  8. That's now how companies and capitalism works, but it's a nice thought.

  9. Ha, it literally was asked just a few minutes ago. You will not lose group prestige from it.

  10. You're only screwing yourself

  11. Exactly. I'm a GIM too, broke prestige like 2 months ago, and I dont have any regrets, it's not like you go green helm.

  12. Lol it didn't take that long at all. There were multiple sellers and you would message each one, or go to the respective spot in varrock, or even put up a buy offer on it. Bulk sellers still exist. Were you buying only 20 at a time? If you bought a lot and frequently you were also given priority to a lot of these guys. It isn't as nice as G.E but also it wasn't as awful as you make it sound.

  13. Maybe his expierence was as awful as he's making it sound? Who are you to tell him what he felt about it. ROFL

  14. If the variance is 39, and you can sell 50, that’s 1950 coins profit. How did you get 2-3 gp per rune lmao

  15. I wonder why you thought we were talking about blood runes, when the picture is of nature runes. Lmfao

  16. You can search for enhanced in the filter and see ALL the lovely posts of people spamming their CG logs, have fun!

  17. You sound very intelligent

  18. Simply incorrect. Food delaying attacks works in a few weird ways. Let's say you're running while NOT attacking and have been chugging down food, your next attack isn't delayed.

  19. Was your hand shaking when you took this SS?

  20. You can join our clan called Iron Drip. We got a bingo coming up real soon, and we're starting to have a healthy amount of people that team up and raid together.

  21. You can guest, hang out and join raids sure. Cant join the bingo as guest though.

  22. Please do not continue to advertise here. You've had half a dozen threads removed for it now.

  23. Hello sir, I did not mean to advertise. Wasn't even trying to recruit anyone.

  24. It has 3os, this is a decent weapon

  25. Gotta keep them coin pouches though, bots cant click them!

  26. Pretty sure that was for autoclickers

  27. wE nEed tO StArT BrAiNSTorMing

  28. Their new trade site has an older version of wiki on it, till they get everything worked out with the website and wiki. Don't have the links atm

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