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  1. You must own the game for dlcs to work if im correct

  2. Still a roman emperor by blood (yes, hes related to house Doukas in Ck)

  3. I would play 1st person but i suck without the handicap of seeing what's behind me because i always suffer if i cant see when i get triple teamed

  4. Tanisty elective should only be available to the Goidelic group (Galician might get it cuz they're part Brythonic) so i dont know how castille has that elective law but to get rid of your heir inheriting the title you need to take the kingdom and change the law at the last second

  5. Does your faith have natural primitivism? Adamites and Jainists dont wear clothes btw

  6. "Issac and his mother lived in a house on top of a hill..."

  7. But thats why i kinda like it, i personally like the visual novel format, its a nice escape from harry turtledove's bastardization of alt history novels (fight me. his only good series is the one where the aliens get high on ginger) and hoi4 mods that make the mod so much gameplay i cant get a handle on what i'm actually supposed to do.

  8. When the contingency shows up if the A.i fallen is there they will have three possible reactions. They join in the fight against like thier programming says, thier programming is corrupted and joins the crisis or three, they get a glitch in thier matrix and become despicable neutrals. Hope this helps

  9. I just hope that Mountain General doesn't become the next mussolini in slovakia, be funny tho......

  10. But you gotta wait so long till they become that cheap, Northern lords is still 35USD on Xbox

  11. Attempting to put a face to jesus is idolatry and shouldn't be done. Like with muslims and Muhammad (PBUH)

  12. I dont know what you mean the duchy nytra is still a part of the kingdom of hungary right?

  13. Either Schirach is either the only one with the balls, knowledge or misfortune to be his "right hand man". look at Göring's "right hand man" they dont get along but both understand that they need each other right where they are...until that changes course

  14. Cant believe she killed the man behind the slaughter smh😞

  15. Above the country flag should be two flags, that indicates that the marriage would form an alliance. Direct family is the main people to form alliances (i.e. children, siblings and parents) nieces, nephews and other relatives don't give alliances until you become more related to them. Example being: if i marry my brothers daughter to someone, i dont get an alliance but if my brother is my heir when he takes over you will get an alliance or if i marry my niece to someones direct family. Grandchildren are the best for making future alliances as when your heir takes over they will have alliances when they take over. Basically direct family gets alliances.

  16. Hey, my .22 doesn't discriminate, it'll shoot any journalist. Now thats equality

  17. Dont know how someones opinion became the whole talking point of this sub, hope it changes soon

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