1. You just did the equivalent of saying, Justin Biever was copied by Michael Jackson

  2. Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary.

  3. You know what I never thought I would hear about a cat girl ever make someone want to rip their own tits off but I do believe it would be that one.

  4. That’s a hell no that’s space Leprechaun coming wreck you riding a laser sword.

  5. I have concerns about what that old lady is doing.

  6. yeah how about Googling it for to second befor you show you don’t know shit

  7. Points to Heero for successfully failing picking up chicks in a Gundam

  8. in true Heero fashion, you would have to have a Gundam to be able to pick up chicks….He has a tendency to blow his up while standing in it.

  9. just remember, heero Yui is fucking invincible he face tanked the gundam blowing up any side of it, and still walked away. He doesn’t need to know kung fu.

  10. Oh No, it’s not working right I can see him.

  11. And yet there's Konami. Still ignoring the success of Castlevania even though the anime was highly successful and has led to multiple spin offs.

  12. I want more people are killed by that than you would think

  13. Goku hasn’t Soloed a Big bad in the last 2 series and i’m talking about Piccolo

  14. The Joystick is braking. it ether a bad controller ( this is my vote it looks like a knock off) or you are to hard on them. you can call the manufacturer let them repair it for a price or try a self repair ( unless you know what you are doing it will make it worse) or buy a new one.

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