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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Coping seems like your only excuse you only just cause others knew what this game was plenty of videos about what it was gonna be and people talking on here. Don't be mad cause you not into this game cause of to much text dialog.

  2. You and others also get defensive when you see that people don't like the fact its a visual novel. You then tell people off who don't enjoy the visual novel aspect which is extremely elitist and kind of assholish behavior.

  3. It isn't because it is using a feature put into the game by the devs. Without this feature and using a good seed you would have to be a fucking lunatic to try Bingo++.

  4. Sadly no, it seems like Tomino isn't a fan of remaking work, which is sad since we are already heading to late U.C era after Hathway Era is finish, I wish for a remake of Gundam F91 and remove Victory Gundam from the U.C due too it's Mobile Suit looking too alien in my opinion

  5. Can just wait until the old guy passes away then they wouldn't need his blessing? Sorry for saying something so cold but he has such an old person's mindset when it comes to remaking things and its not like he owns the series anyway. Sunrise is with clear intent fueling fan demand for a sequel. I say that because of how beloved Gundam Origin and Doan's Island is among Gundam fans.

  6. No because its stupidly easy to raise your max leaf limit. Also the fact its tied to it makes the game balanced otherwise you would have people trading for obscene amounts of resources

  7. I want a Gundam game like MechWarriors. Your a mercenary and you send in your squad on mission. They can add the company theme from IBO. Or something like XCOM 2

  8. Been playing Mechwarrior 5 and as I was playing a mission, I had this realization that a Gundam game like that would be amazing. I admittedly pictured my centurion as a zaku for a moment.

  9. Funny you should say that you picture your centurion as a Zaku. Look up a PS2 title called Zeonic Front where you play as a Zeon squad leader in charge of a group of Zeon MS pilots. Its a 3D game where you can unlock various mechs from the lowly Zaku 1 all the way up to some of the Federation's most powerful units.

  10. Sry for necro but a game like that does exist. Look up Zeonic Front on the PS2 which is a bit dated by todays standards but that should scratch that Gundam like mechwarrior itch. You play as the squad leader of some MS pilots on Earth during the One Year War.

  11. I bought it as soon as I saw it and I haven't even gotten past the first 25 pyramid levels yet so very nice change.

  12. Number of days for Offline rewards are limited, so walking away for a month (lol good luck) won’t give you more than walking away for a week.

  13. not a big deal, start up the game, exit the game.

  14. I just get all my gems from the claw machine after having upgraded its rewards and the claw's grabbing range. I just stockpile plenty of cheese from the bartender and spam the claw machine while hitting the esc key anytime I don't see gems pop up.

  15. It has gone live earlier today and its base price is $14 at a discounted price of just over $11.

  16. This is the one mistake pretty much everyone makes at some point in the is

  17. I didn't because on PC you can press and hold Shift, Ctrl, or Alt to change the amount you buy. You can even hold 2 of those keys at the same time to be able to buy even larger amounts. Its VERY handy when adjusting the BLC auto crunch threshold.

  18. Am I missing something or did the devs forget to add an upgrade somewhere that makes the picking up of the cards and those fragments automatic? Most item drops in this game have that kind of upgrade available but I can't find any upgrade like that in any of the shops.

  19. Why wouldn't you want to start over? This game is just so much fun!

  20. Having to start this game over from nothing is less fun than playing the original idler game...watching paint dry.

  21. How long until they remake it with kevin hart?

  22. When they write in a character that is short enough.

  23. One company I used to work for did that anniversary award shit. Everyone hated it including the store manager. Eventually our store manager got tired of it and he would offer employees $20 if they can throw the award in the trash like a frisbee from like 15 to 20 ft away. Most people enjoyed this because it was taking something shitty and making it into something fun and possibly rewarding.

  24. Good luck suing Shenzhen Guozheng MicroSoftworks Co Ltd. From Burbank, California.

  25. Hell...good luck sueing any company that is Chinese since China doesn't legally recognize US copyright laws. Its why China is notorious for making knock offs of so much stuff.

  26. Do the idiots that use wet wipes to wipe their ass no realize they're not intended to be flushed down the toilet like toilet paper?

  27. Kingdoms of Amular is probably the most notable example. This is due to how it was changed late in development from an MMORPG to a single player game.

  28. Out of all the couples stories I've read over the years this one is the best. Hopefully he doesn't tease you too much about it and it becomes the inside joke of your relationship.

  29. I mean...if your location data is something that worries you then simply don't take your phone with you to the abortion clinic.

  30. I'm more impressed by the roadie. That mother fucker was on point and like any good roadie you hardly notice him.

  31. Agreed, at that point, make the DLC come with the game unlocked by default.

  32. I mean people can buy the gold/definitive/complete/GOTY editions for games which tend to contain all the DLC. Ubisoft may be a shit company but at least they're usually quite consistent in eventually releasing an edition of their games that contain all the DLC.

  33. This is actually a huge get for BioWare. I assume she’ll be tackling mass effect 5 and the guardians experience will be impactful.

  34. If anything it will probably be the next Dragon Age game since that is supposedly what EA has in the pipeline currently.

  35. Towards the back, right side- Guy in the red pants has a surprising package.

  36. That person is likely wearing a codpiece which is a form of fashion back then.

  37. That dog is bow legged and that is something that can be corrected with rehab and some splints but its not something anyone actually wants in a dog breed.

  38. Yeah, I'm not.. disagreeing that it sucks here... but them saying that moving away is a "revolution" is wholly incorrect. That's not what the word revolution means.

  39. I mean what other option is there when the Supreme Court is controlled by conservative justices who can pass laws basically on a whim as long as a case is setup to enable it to happen. Justices don't have elected term limits so you can't vote them out of office and currently they serve in that position for life until they step down or pass away.

  40. Everyone capitulated the moment the Supreme Court became a 6-3 majority. The Supreme Court is not beholden to a code of ethics like other govt bodies and its pretty hard to remove a justice which has only ever happened once in US history. Unless 3 of the conservative justices magically keel over dead in the next 2 years I don't see things getting better especially if that Supreme Court case in Oct passes that controversial ISLD thing then our democracy will be truly fucked.

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