1. Are you kidding? That is like saying I am not going to fix this hole in my roof because it is raining. With lower revenues companies will be doing everything they can to reduce operating costs. AI can quickly eliminate whole departments of expensive white collar workers like entry level legal or accounting.

  2. You asked for a source from someone not shorting Tesla. I own no Tesla products or stock, and I don’t trade options.

  3. Don’t worry they know you were right they just don’t want to address it.

  4. Yep slipped on an icy patch at Abasin 2y ago and luckily hit the trees feet first.

  5. Fucking yikes dude that must have hurt. First time I did a powder day through the trees I was going “slow” and went to high five a tree and quickly learned that was dumb as fuck.

  6. Embiid isn't the most likable player, I totally get that. However, the way

  7. This is a dumb question but if a company is being shorted and there's a high probability that it's going bankrupt then couldn't the demand to short the company make the CTB higher? If so, wouldn't that be a bad thing for us?

  8. I have a bit but don’t feel like risking more of my portfolio when I have some in GME and my safer plays.

  9. On either 20/60 shooting or 20/25 shooting. No in between

  10. Damn was hoping to get some insight on this since this is the only post about it I can find through the search function.

  11. Yeah, no responses from anyone. I ended up getting two sets of tickets in the nosebleeds and we had a good time either way. I think the big Q is who all is going, I know if it was going to be just me and a friend or two, I am die hard enough to pace around and stand the whole game, but I'm guessing anyone going for more of the experience might not be so into it. If you do get some SR tickets, chime back in here and let us know how it goes!!

  12. Update on the tix - for $40 they’re a great deal. The 4 of us had a great time and view is great. Didn’t feel like a chore to stand the whole time and it honestly felt like we got more into the game than if we had seats. I have season tix in section 110 and I might prefer SRO over those haha.

  13. Yeah I ended up getting them. Have 2 friends coming to town and they didn’t want to spend a lot on tickets. Figured $40 got me further doing this than nosebleeds behind the basket. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  14. I really think this may be the case or to force push M & A. Black Rock is the

  15. Can't wait for my white, accounting, preppy ass to try out these fits.

  16. I remember when I made $5k off of MVIS and then threw that directly into BB like a true regard.

  17. We need to appreciate what we’re seeing because we will never have it again

  18. What are you talking about? Centers who are highly efficient scoring, passing, and rebounding literally grow on trees.

  19. a last second 3 point heave to be exact

  20. Grew up in India never having seen snow outside the Himalayas. Applied to grad school in Wisconsin - didn't really know where Wisconsin was. All the handbook had were gorgeous shots of summer and fall ... you can imagine how it went.

  21. I’m sorry but that’s really funny thinking about you showing up to Wisconsin

  22. He takes 2.6 a game. For reference, Porter takes 6.7. Murray takes 5.5. Bones takes 6.2.

  23. The amount of shots other people are taking is irrelevant to AG. I have been to every home game and if you also watch the games you’ll know has plenty of opportunities a game where he’s handling the ball towards the top of the key and he’ll go left and if they crowd the paint he’ll just pull up and shoot. More often than not he’s making these shots off the dribble.

  24. They don’t need him to shoot 5 threes a game because he isn’t that good of a 3 point shooter lol. If he was, he’d be shooting them more. 3 is greater than 2 you silly goose.

  25. He’s shooting above the average 3pt % this season so he’s shooting well.

  26. You’re acting like 300k years and years ago isn’t a substantial amount.

  27. Re: Ekeler I’m honestly not as sold. He needed the huge receiving work on top of the touchdowns to finish first overall, and was pacing a hair behind the 19 P/G the top RB usually contributes in half before winning you championships.

  28. I would take Jefferson over Ekeler if I had the first pick but I think he should definitely be a top 3 pick going into next season. Arguments can be made for Jefferson and CMC but Ekeler has a high ceiling and possibly the highest floor in fantasy which is what you want with your first pick.

  29. I can’t argue with you because there aren’t better options. But, I feel like all the top RBs are operating on borrowed time, being into their 5th year of service and beyond, and already pacing behind historical league-winners.

  30. I actually just made a post about 3 interesting stats for the season and included Najee on it. I completely think he has upside for next season considering he'll have a lower ADP.

  31. Had a friend buy 13 ikon passes from this guy in Georgia for 250 a pass they worked for the month of December and then the guy canceled the credit card and my friend and all of his buddies were shut out for the rest of the season.

  32. Jaren's ceiling is serious. He's younger than Ja.

  33. I went to the grizz/nugs game a few weeks ago and it was my first time seeing JJJ. I was floored at his size and athleticism. I just remember thinking he should have been having his way with everyone on the floor.

  34. OP taking a huge L for not knowing what queso is lol.

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