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  1. Those countries that plan to replace F-16 with F-35 fighter jets are

  2. They will run out of prisoner meat for the meat grinder eventually.

  3. What am I am seeing is caulk is best to use but following for more info myself. Caulk would provide better thermal barrier between the outside and your tile. My issue is my tile is cold around my outside walls because it is touching them directly and they are uninsulated. I sealed air gaps around the door and installed a storm door to help with drafts from that.

  4. Last I saw before this they said at least 10. Come on Canada, you don't need that many with USA as your next-door neighbor.

  5. Until trump got in I would have agreed. Now with the possibility of an unstable ally again in 2024 all nations need to be more independent.

  6. Republicans already look fucked for 2024 but USA would never attack or not help defend Canada. Allowing anyone to occupy Canada would be a huge risk to the USA next.

  7. Last I saw before this they said at least 10. Come on Canada, you don't need that many with USA as your next-door neighbor.

  8. You actually fell for that? I reported the person that tagged me.

  9. The main thing that helps is the presentation, if I’m a little off my rocker and they mention getting me a self help book for bi polar (and this sucks) my stubborn brain instantly resists the good hearted gesture. So what we try to do I just make it more general like for instance saying hey I got this book about best ways to cope with being overwhelmed/hyper or just dealing with which every symptom she may struggle with the most. Like being present you could try trivia games so it could be a group activity. Maybe Her favorite topic thing that includes others might really help!

  10. Thanks for the info! Luckily she was receptive of the idea and even picked out a book herself. Yeah I try to arrange family activities outside of home but she also has a lot of social anxiety so that doesn't always work out. Family Games at home would likely work.

  11. They started training on tanks before the announcement. They probably already started training on F-16s.

  12. You'll find you can do a lot yourself if you have the courage to learn. Each new task you never did before always seems daunting at first. Do your research and then decide if you can handle it.

  13. People care way too much about the fantasy of a perfect yard pushed on us. The stuff they use to maintain that lawn is a lot worse for the environment than a little dog pee.


  15. Thanks. Yes I've dealt with a lot myself growing up and have learned to manage it and identify it. I do fear she doesn't tell the doctor the whole story so I have talked with her sister who is her only direct family support to get consent to speak to her doctor together. I believe I have it already but getting her sister it too was on my to-do list. At one point last month she had a really bad manic episode and thought the voices and and behaviour was normal so I had to get in touch of her doctor then to tell the whole story as it was getting real bad. It's been tough on me and the kids as well so I want to get her all the help she needs.

  16. Is there a powerline there? They can arc to trees and cause them to light/burn up.

  17. Gotta take care of any remaining corruption before joining EU or NATO. It used to be a common thing in Ukraine unfortunately.

  18. None of these propagandist are that smart if they think driving NATO into direct conflict is a good idea.

  19. It could be a slow leak from piping, humidity coming up from crawlspace/basement. Neither which would be a quick fix or you'd want to ignore. Water issues need to be taken care of right away before it costs you even more in the future. It could cause mold and lots of other damage. Maybe open up a small spot to help see what's going on behind.

  20. Any holes outside in the paint/siding/roofing? Is this the basement or above ground?

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