1. The game play I have noticed is a little bitty/patchy/delayed… not sure how to describe it. Things don’t move smoothly when merging quickly.

  2. True. There is a lag in game loading at 95% and also in game play

  3. I could swear that I was a level 41 before the update… and now a level 43? Anyone else ?

  4. Now that’s the best bug as you got 15k worth of free XP at the bare minimum as after L40 each level needs 15k XP

  5. New changes or rather new messes given Metacore’s penchant to break more things every time they try solving a thing

  6. If you come to another country you obey their customs. It’s what we do. It’s what you should do but apparently nobody tells Europeans when they come here. And your response sounds like you’re entitled.

  7. It is not a question of being entitled, rather a question of minimum wage paid to workers by employers instead of charging the customers twice for food and service. We are not obligated to pay tips, even in the USA. By encouraging tipping you are basically denying the servers their right to minimum living wages.

  8. No shit really? Yet Europeans know this and still say fuck them…. Real nice. You can’t explain that.

  9. No we don’t say that. We hope you guys can solve the issue in a democratic way and not hold the customers at gunpoint for an already paid service. And let’s please be polite even if we have differing views. Thank you.

  10. Little confused—you can’t turn this in until you’re done with the area. Are you sure it’s not in your inventory?

  11. No it's actually gone. I used it because I thought I was done. I used it for the lighthouse. Ughhhh. I'm dumb

  12. Can’t use it in the lighthouse. It was an additional task added to conservatory this morning after the update. They changed the task flow again!

  13. They changed the routing this morning after the update! Another mess

  14. I always keep the big orders for Edwina’s event. As in I work on them so that they are ready for the weenie event. For Yuka it’s best to stick to the 2 easy order types.

  15. I started in April finished all the areas in June 1st week. But that is purely due to help from other players on Discord.

  16. I feel like I do most of this on weekends and in the evenings after work and on my lunch break at work but it doesn't seem to be enough. Right now I have 3of those energy boxes in my storage.....

  17. Now now. I am sure someone will put it all on YouTube sooner or later.

  18. If you tap on the ingame settings, and scroll right to the bottom, you will see Story Spoilers that gives you the Story line for each area.

  19. The story spoilers don't quite read the same being a summary but I'll read through it.

  20. It’s better than nothing. We have tried to capture dialogues as far as possible of each area. So you could also check the wiki pages of each area for dialogues in that area

  21. Since we are already talking about the Maintenance Room and spoilers.

  22. She was arrested at the end of Pool house patio. You can check the video on wiki’s pool house patio page

  23. Lol.. I always seem to be chasing after you. I am at 1052/1320

  24. I am still slightly unsure as my game time will reduce and the last 3 levels look difficult. I am currently on L33 1090/1400.

  25. Think you can still do it if you only run through the primaries for the rest of the time unless you have stuff ready or almost ready for secondaries

  26. But I have been completing special orders- at least I think so, definitely lots of normal orders

  27. The piñata will spawn the gift set pieces too . They are rare random drops though

  28. Proud moment to get that dang Diary! And after all....this is entertainment for me. I like all the little ins and outs, even the frustrating things are motivating. Cheers!! I'm at Level 44 with 1305 points, and waiting until Level 47 to turn in the Diary.

  29. Yay! That’s the spirit. You got this!do pop in on Discord if you have time. We can have a few laughs at the super entertaining MM world

  30. I'll download Discord and check in with all of you! I'm so busy right now with my husband's surgery but he is recovering now and I'll have more free time soon. Second knee replacement since August and MM has kept me sane during these two long recoveries and physical therapy!

  31. I didn’t realize people were still getting the arcade. That sounds fun, I wish they’d release it to everyone!

  32. It is fun but it seems like a ghost town as since completion I have never seen a single person in there!

  33. There’s also Sven’s, though that’s been gone for a while and only some players had it before it went away.

  34. Oh, I have heard of Sven’s but haven’t come across it till date. I have been playing for about 3.5 weeks now I think

  35. I got everything and it wasn't enough to get the 3rd chest. 😢

  36. You should contact support to find out the issue. I got the 3rd chest when I completed my last order.

  37. I am still on L30 since yesterday! 673/1180… it’s gonna take time without the Arcade

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