1. If you're TRULY trying to avoid tasting it at all... Highly recommend buying some empty gelatin capsules on amazon (like size 0 or smaller) and fill the empty space with coconut oil. :]

  2. I went by there today twice… and there was the biggest line I’ve ever seen. Didn’t even go. Like insanely long out the door and down the zig zag wooden ramp. So, not sure bout this

  3. Same thing happened to me. Dealership wants $4k for an ECU on a car with nearly 100k miles…. This car has given me nothing but problems

  4. The D&S has been changed in how it's packaged and should be way more consistent. It's a fine line between passing for potency and having bigger or too many diamonds.

  5. Love what you guys have been doing. I tried each of the badders available. Was wondering if you guys are ever gonna drop some Layer Cake live concentrates? Or get into the solventless game? Just curious :)

  6. Ordered mine Thursday Jul 27th at 6pm EST.. Says "Shipping Soon"... Hoping for the best just like you guys. Hope it's soon for us all! :/

  7. Okay so I have bought 3 AR Rosin Disposables (1 Grease Monkey and 2 Squared Away), and 1 of these pictured Lighthouse Science cryo-diamond vapes (mine was Problem Child x Disco Lemonade or something) I have gone through 2 of the AR vapes and the 1 LS ones and each one went through all the oil. Definitely a fear of mine on these disposables tho. Maybe I got lucky.

  8. There were multiple times the people posting this photo coulda said “nah let’s make it look better” but yeah, NOPE. Lmao

  9. Yeah probably. Wtf else you gonna do back then other than get turnt? 🤷‍♂️😂

  10. The gg4 from one orijin was the worst luster pod I’ve purchased by far

  11. 3D > Stock… all day. Not sure why you feel that way lol

  12. How many of these people voting NO actually have worked there? Probably not a glassdoor profile for Klutch but, there's gotta be something.

  13. 5 clicks on/off l, 2 clicks preheats, 3 clicks changes temps. Green is lowest voltage, red is highest. It auto shuts off after like 3 mins or so being idle. I assume so it doesn’t fire in the pocket, which kinda annoying but I appreciate the feature in the case of rosin carts.

  14. Tell me how.... I have 2. One is WAY heavier than the other (it's also older). I love this battery. Wouldn't mind doing this to one of them. Especially if it takes less than an hour. I'm about that.

  15. Grabbed one just a bit ago...Not blown away by the taste (doesn’t have much of one at all compared to other live carts I’ve tried) but the effects are there for sure!! Packaging is very nice also. At $64 out the door I’d pick this over the Certified live/cured carts 10/10 times

  16. The effects tho are insane….. the taste will apparently be improved in their next line which will apparently be all ceramic carts. But I’d say their best TASTING cart is their Mimosa. It very appropriately tastes like straight oranges 🍊. Hope you’re enjoying it man🤘

  17. Haha im late but that’s so true- I’m picking up a cart at verdant in cbus today (ancient roots lemon kush) for 70$ after tax! What a steal for how the prices are here in Ohio

  18. Can't even find 1g rosin carts in SoCal. Only thing I found solventless vape-wise was a disposable half gram for 70.

  19. People will hate on these then turn around and buy 2 certified half grams at 50 each and think nothing of it …smh 😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ to each their own.

  20. Imagine downvoting someone for saying the truth. Smh it’s sad bro. Who downvoted this for praising solventless? 🤡

  21. I have two of the superflux ones rn, pretty good and got em 20% off. I really wanna try the ancient roots and firelands scientific live rosin carts

  22. When 2 LR half grams basically cost the same as a full gram rosin cart… I know what imma do. 🤷‍♂️ it’s a no brainer. The superflux one I tried was a pleasant surprise. I liked it a lot.👏💪

  23. Sad thing is, this kind of post has been done a few times. It’s also sad that people hate on these but will buy up $50 half grams of live resin, then post some shit like this. You’re the moron. Not the people buying it. I don’t shit on Grey Goose when I can only afford Svedka. There’s a spectrum as far as quality goes. In Los Angeles rosin carts are almost impossible to find, and when I did they were like 65 a half gram. Your logic is flawed as fuck saying that live resin is equal to rosin.

  24. It’s not economical on days (.3g costing 1 day is a nope) , it’s hardly justifiable by price(even on 20% off you save like 5 bucks cause they’re like 25). Biggest issue tho— They seem to have issues working out of the box, issues finishing oil… tbh I don’t know why people fuck with these things. There are other better disposable pens for your money if that’s what you’re into. 🤷‍♂️

  25. So … are we just gonna ignore the fact there’s already Deathstar Kush in Ohio from OCL?

  26. It's Jedi Kush, Not DeathStar. OCL has DeathStar coming under a different name.

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