1. These miss nagatoro memes get wilder by the day

  2. Please post a link if you do op! This was awesome by the way, definitely learned a lot just from this video

  3. As a broadcasting officer of WOLFE Ind. I am required to act by the Terms of Conduct at all times. Violations of the major offenses outlined in section 14, such as assault, public intoxication, and unlawful use of controlled substances, are required to be reported to my management, plagiarism is also included in the list. It is a more serious offense punishable with termination to not report such incidents, as these events reflect poorly on WOLFE Ind. and it's emergency broadcasting station initiative as a whole. I've never really dealt with an incident like this in my time working as Broadcasting Officer, and while it may not be necessary to report it, I feel it is best I provide the option.

  4. I apologize that you think I've produced fictitious material. I'm just trying to take some time to myself in between maintenance on the Broadcasting Station and broadcasting emergency transmissions.

  5. Sail fosho, I like pink but too but sail classic

  6. We are sorry an error has occurred. WOLFE Ind. Is working diligently to correct this.

  7. Nice shot. Must be nice to have a peaceful spot to practice. That one on the left is from 2000, I love seeing old pieces.

  8. 2009, pretty sure that’s a 9 on the end

  9. Dude is cap af, he posted a getnup piece, who writes in Melbourne Australia and he tried to say it was Texas, all like “well my buddy took the pic in Texas, idk what to tell you”

  10. Came here to say I’ve had this happen on the path to grandpas shrine. I’m glad others have had the same meteoric misfortune and were able to share

  11. Real lame. Did their parents not give them coloring books to keep them occupied?

  12. It’s interesting how he’s outlined his outline

  13. I thought it looked like a mutant horn worm 👀 thanks for the knowledge my dude

  14. These guys get big, we have em where I live, haven’t found one in a while but they can grow to close to the size of a hot dog

  15. Sick style, loving the layered effect in the splash on the top one, works well with the fill and overall style of the letters. Would love to see one of these on a wall

  16. Wheat paste is more of a street art thing. Most graff dudes would be thinking WTF type of ink is this shit lol

  17. I know right, I'm like no xylene ink or blown-out biro pens in the usual toxic fashion. ahhhh this MF is talking bout wheat paste recipes like it's 2014 and Obey is still cool

  18. I know I’m not able to get it, but I’m just more curious about what it is and how big of a loss is it 🥲

  19. Imo not that big of a loss. you will find more if you keep grinding the caverns

  20. Classic, roller on the Crosley is also a banger

  21. I see some thicc cheeks in the BOTTOM of the ‘M’

  22. Yeah I feel that, the stock rusto cap is fuckin mint for doing handstyles and one-liners like genuinely its a perfect cap for tagging, I still have a few Ironlaks lying around that i could use anytime I've just been practicing basically exclusively with stock cap rusto for like a month now lmao partially cuz its cheaper and easier to get but also cuz I see mad writers in my local scene who literally only bomb with stock cap rusto hitting cleaner shit than I could ever imagine and it rly made me wanna get clean with paint I always considered shitty till I actually started practicing with it. Like the way I see it, if u can do clean shit with a rusto you're gonna be absolutely disgusting with proper graff paint, maybe I'm wrong but that's just how I see it, and it rly genuinely blew my mind seeing just how many writers from my local scene exclusively use stock cap rusto alone and hit the most crazy shit u could imagine

  23. Wow that’s wild! I use em for certain things when I’m piecing but not a lot haha, seems like a good way to hone your skill. I would try to use a bunch of different paint and caps maybe, so when you do start using different caps/paint more they don’t feel foreign. But big ups to the stock cap crushers in your area though! that’s dope. I’d love to see flicks of their stock cap work. Like I said earlier, invest in a couple adapters and some ny fats and you’ll be getting mad clean shit for like 5 buck. Also bombing science got dang paint on sale today only for 3.99 a can, I’m bout to order a fucking gang of that shit, thought I’d pass that along.

  24. This sale is noicceee but they gonna choose the colors for me?! If these mufuckers make it 50% transparent white/black imma fly to Spain and fuck they grandma

  25. That would be so unfortunate. I’m crying laughing right now though from your comment

  26. Some Marsh T-Grade if you can find. Pilot ink is cheap and pretty permanent.

  27. Mix marsh and Garvey and Chinese motor oil together for an unbuffable concoction

  28. Not a fan of drips. Like hard crisp lines.

  29. I’m sure these markers wouldn’t drip on you excessively with Garvey, as long as you don’t juice the nib to hell and back. I didn’t even look at the markers originally, I thought they were squeezer mops, but they look like hard nib markers

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