1. If I’m going out hiking on a trail I’ve never been on I’ll take a KaBar full straight edge or half serrated both have advantages in my car experience the KaBar to me has always had a better edge. But if I’m going on a trail I k I’m very well I’ll take the buck

  2. Even with the damage these being the Japanese version. You could still probably make a buck or two. I’d try to sell them as a group maybe get 10-15 bucks out of it

  3. Don’t worry about what other will think. And in all actuality, who’s ever going to know unless you tell them?

  4. I was planning on once I get good enough to make a cool knife showing them on here and getting ideas for designs. It’s primarily just for me and friends but also I just want to learn a new skill I love knives and blades in general and watching shows like forged in fire I want to take a hand at knife making and maybe later on in life full on blacksmith if maybe I’ll be good enough to sell a piece or two but maybe I’ll just be good enough to post a few pictures here and then

  5. Yeah that’s ok. Unless I misunderstand you. That’s called stock removal. Just sounds like you plan on doing it by hand.

  6. I plan on attempting to use a little power tools as possible mainly just to get the rough shape and then do the rest by hand.

  7. It comes down to what you think looks nicer and what you see yourself in. The V6 Camaro can be a fast and fun car park center stock it’s not a bad driver. The Infiniti is a hell of a car and fun to drive. People may ask why you got a V6 but fuck those people. It’s you car whatever makes you happy. I personally would take the Q60 as it’s 1k cheaper can use that on some nice wheels or just as extra cash in your pocket

  8. Look into good tires and good snow chains. RWD can work in snow but it’s probably the worst option. Find some good tires snow chains and take it slow. No need to be trying to haul ass in the snow. Better to arrive at your destination alive than never arrive at all. Do some research and do some light driving with a more experienced driver on a road you know just to get a feel for how your car handles the snow.

  9. Ya, it can be like that the photos show a decent rust build up especially on the back passenger side. Depending on how bad it is it could take a few hours of work or could be needing a whole new frame

  10. Could it just be surface level? I talked with some friends who are taking autotech and they told me its likely just the surface.

  11. Could be. If so you can grind it out and reptilian or touch up the steel. That would take a few hours but it’s pretty fun seeing the steel almost come back to life

  12. For me it was roughly 3 years and 100,000 thousand dollars in my first born child and my legs before I finally had the honor of this on my screen.

  13. Thank you. I’m definitely not at the skill to sharpen D2 well I’ve gotten good with 420HC on my buck 120 and my gerbers but I have a lot of knives in the ranges before D2 so hopefully I can put a good edge on the steel. And thanks for pointing out the wiki will definitely help me with bettering myself as a knife guy and my sharpening skills

  14. I guess at this point I’m just collecting to collect I always love having another nice looking pocket knife something fun to open up and has a nice feel in the hand

  15. Kizer is generally a pretty fantastic value overall. Some great models in their catalog. I personally have a few of their knives and am pretty fond of them.

  16. Any recommendations on models? I’m looking at below 70$. I see a lot of N690 and 154CM steel haven’t had any experience with those blade steels would you have any opinion on them?

  17. The issue I’ve encounter with America mains . As American Main. Is the amount of low IQ cas plays. I’ll watch a TD get knocked out because he was trying to play like a heavy tank immediately jump into there plane either fail to kill something and crash or get shot down as they just fly straight at the tank that killed them and get knocked out of the game. It also is a bit of a issue as in my experience the uptiers I’ve gotten up-tiered to 6.3-6.7 more then than I even see my own tier so I’ll got knocked by a king tiger or T-44 more often than not. But I’ve seen this on multiple nations whether it’s the us or even Sweden

  18. Is that a fucking calico m100 I believe that’s the 22 with the helical mag

  19. I would highly recommend looking to any older car. A Corolla or old Camry/solara have a good aftermarket. Old Hondas aswell. You can look into older V8s aswell like a old Vic or a Chrysler 300,the engines can handle decent power with some weight reduction. If you wanan stick to smaller import cars go with a older Honda or Toyota good aftermarket and can build some decent power. I would recommend getting some decent looks. A good tint and some new rims/wheels make the car look nice and then start adding power. Do some research on your engine find any weak points and try to fix those first and research what type of power building would work best with your engine

  20. It’s definitely a strong vehicle. 10.7 would be a beautiful place for it. It’s not invincible it is still fairly easy to counter if you are paying attention but it’s definitely fairly strong ag it’s tier and I think pushing it up will balance it out

  21. Ozark aren’t bad knives if you know how to use them there decent back ups. And there decent training training knives if your newer into knives. Good at practicing feathering. batoning and sharpening off your new and scared to mess up and damaged or ruin it a higher quality knife. I would upgrade to a mora soon better quality overall

  22. This is not a argument I can fight in for me a simple peasant drives a Toyota Camry. Hopefully I shall grant the halls of this sacred place when I embark on my journey to truckhood.

  23. I'm from europe but american gun memes are funny af :) Also why dont you just get whetstones and learn how to sharpen yourself? It's really satisfying when you sharpen it by hand

  24. I love to sharpen my own knives gives me a good dopamine boost similar to cleaning my rifle after a hunt using a knife or a gun is fun but to me cleaning or re sharping the blade just makes me giddy it lets me know these are mine I take care of them and they’ll take care of me

  25. The 1.0 Japanese premium. Wanted to grind Japan and wanted to do it cheeply so I bought it. Should’ve paid the 3 extra dollars and got the 2.7 would’ve saved me some time playing the pain that was 1.0-2.0 Japan

  26. An xpipe isnt going to work, these are turbo I4s from the factory. Also a "cam" and lifters will probably be pretty worthless for this, it wont respond to those like a pushrod V8 would.

  27. Ah thank you for the extra knowledge I’m more knowledgeable on V8 engines so potential mods for smaller engines I’m still pretty new to

  28. Yea one of the many beauties of the pushord V8 is how well it takes to NA mods, DOHC engines typically dont take to NA mods as well, especially I4s, you wont gain anywhere near the power as a pushrod V8 typically. They require forced induction to make more power typically.

  29. Why thank you my friend. I shall make sure to take this knowledge when I go to mod my car if I decide to keep and mod this one or go for someone a little “cooler” to mod

  30. Tip from an experienced player is don’t boost the class you want to play if you haven’t actually played it before. Leveling is very quick and really gets you in tune with your class imo.

  31. I have both a shaman and a warlock around 20 I’ve been playing them on and off but go back to my Druid as I see it as a more fun class and I don’t wanna boost a Druid for the alliance since my main horde character is also a Druid. But it may be the safest option since I know the class and it will allow me to bring alliance mounts

  32. Well you can do anything on a druid. I personally don't really connect with their fantasy though.

  33. Don’t n is the brand but I’ve seen a few of these at gas stations and Walmart. Likely using the similar color scheme to make people think it’s a Swiss Army knife. But this could be a older model I’m not as versed in Victorianox multitool outside of the tradition SAKs

  34. I would go with Intel but I haven’t used anything with a Ryzen processor. But from what I know there both fairly solid. The ryzen does have more memory which is a plus but depending on the laptop you may be able to upgrade in the Intel. But I think do whatever is best for your wallet. Both should be good for your planning on doing

  35. The only thing I bush up is the L3 at 11.0 I might be useless to my team but the enemy will never find me

  36. Max-Q = Lower wattage , mean you will lose performance compared to the standard GTX 1650 (Lower clockspeed) , but its probably only 10-20% slower than the standard GTX 1650 mobile

  37. Ok. So not to much. Mainly looking at player mostly the Mmmm older games like fallout new Vegas world of Warcraft. StarCraft and Warcraft. Maybe some CSGO as source can run on a calculator pretty much. Maybe gonna try something newer like warthunder if that works with it or not

  38. i think pretty much every modern game will run at 1080 resolution at low settings even with GTX 1650 Max-Q

  39. Ok, that’s good I don’t really care to much for playing on ultra setting in all honesty my series S runs most of the modern games I play wel just really want a laptop to play the games my Xbox can’t like world of Warcraft

  40. Had a teller ask me to leave when my girlfriend was cashing a check. She said she didn’t feel right about me being with her like I was using the money or pimping her out

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