1. And it's usually a crewmate that sabotages comms

  2. Exactly. When I encountered my first hacker, I was the Impostor. I couldn't even look at my seek map when comms are sabotaged, because it's the same map as the admin map.

  3. He doesn't care but he commented twice. Seems sus

  4. Yeah... If they don't care, why do they bother mentioning that they don't care, instead of just not saying anything?

  5. I wanna say that's intentional because someone that doesn't know lime would be far less likely to substitute it with that lol

  6. Well some people seem to have encountered worse than pastel green...

  7. Yo, that make up and that hair colour look amazing on you!

  8. What is this shit? Every single time I see this uninspired bullshit-ass half-cocked nonsense it’s absolutely nothing. There is no joke here. There is no subtext. There is no comedy. This is just a series of vignettes showing things that wouldn’t be interesting if they happened to me. I wouldn’t find this engaging if I witnessed it occurring from across the room, and yet this aRtiSt has decided it deserved to be committed to MS Paint so that we could all witness their mundane life in perpetuity.

  9. Isn't that the comment the original comic artist got on their post?

  10. The whole game being frozen has happened multiple times to me too, even before this update. Idk what causes it though...

  11. Probably a hack. There's no way you'd just randomly disappear like this

  12. That thing would fall out of there without support, which it clearly doesn't have. Also the shadows make 0 sense and there's most likely more things wrong with it. 1000% Photoshop

  13. I was playing in peace with my friends in a vc...until da comms came sabotaged... And everyone started insulting da hacker :)

  14. I still have no idea how some people don't know people use these as hiding places

  15. Henry Stickmin observing Charles' plans.

  16. It's bc they spend more braincells thinking about situations that do not happen, they only used 2.5 braincells to make that joke

  17. I've heard that happened to multiple people before. It didn't happen to me yet though.

  18. If I ever had a kid, I would raise it in gender neutral ways. I was raised mostly gender neutrally too, so it'd be what I'm used to anyways.

  19. I haven't, but I have heard lots of bad things about it, so I'm not interested...

  20. The orange circle around him is another form of showcasing someone's health without directly looking at the numbers.

  21. Ooh, interesting. I've never noticed that before, that's cool.

  22. as someone whose main color is orange, but rarely has a chance to be, this is relatable

  23. Hm, Orange is one of my main colours and I get it quite often...

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