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  1. Well, naturally everyone is different. I personally use it/its and pe/per (as in people/person but shorter). I don't want to be seen as my AGAB or any gender. I just want people to see me as a human. An equal. I think many people do like they/them. I'd just ask, honestly.

  2. Bruh, that's almost exactly what my mother says all the time this topic comes up! Especially the "I just want people to see me as a human" part.

  3. I mean, isn't being Agender having a gender?

  4. They really know how to add new glitches to Among Us with every new update.

  5. Unannounced update that hides the host's name, to avoid lobby names like hxrnyboy. The most useless update...

  6. Yeah half of the lobbies were ok. If anything they made it harder to steer clear from RP servers.

  7. Just climb up and down a ladder. Maybe you die, maybe you won't.

  8. It's intentional. I don't know why, there's literally zero positivite impacts that come from that change

  9. It really does feel like it! It doesn't stop people from naming themselves like this, it just covers these lobbies and normal players can accidentally stumble into those lobbies.

  10. This isn't going to stop roleplay lobbies and people with inappropriate names to exist. It just covers it up with really weird names. It actually makes it worse for people who want to play normal games, modded games or other gamemodes like ShiftAndSeek. People could accidentally stumble into inappropriate/roleplay lobbies without knowing. This hardly announced update(I looked everywhere through Twitter and couldn't find anything) also explains why people join Polus lobbies and spam /n and /n r everywhere. It annoyed me and my friend group, because none of us had any idea what was going on and what made them think that our lobby could potentially be a TOH lobby. I don't even want to join any lobbies anymore, because my mind tells me "These are untrustworthy names. You should avoid these lobbies".

  11. Woah, your artstyle is very pretty and the lighting is really great! This comic looks so adorable. And it's funny, too! I love it!

  12. Yes. In the first version they even got ejected, but I decided to let them live

  13. They never said anything about the LGBTQIA, they were talking about the LGBTQRSTWXYZ, it's completely different.

  14. This is why you shouldn’t play in public lobbies if you value your sanity, play in private lobbies with voice chat (preferably with friends, but public Discord servers for this purpose also exist)

  15. What if you have no friends, you want to play, but your friends have no time or what if you don't have enough friends to start a proper game?

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