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  1. Hi Rubin_Rubinia, I believe this is a Repost or Similiar Meme Template!

  2. Okay, I don't know who else made this, but nit a repost. Also, both links bring me back to this exact post, so I don't know why they're here.

  3. The time sitting there is made up when a kill happens I pop out and the voice in my head goes “it was at this moment he knew he f’d up.”

  4. EVERY Among Us pro uses the "colorblind" mode these days. Also, what cosmetics were Shy & Bartosz wearing?

  5. Already by saying "I certainly don't want to be creepy", one would already come off as creepy. I think every woman would say no. This guy has probably been watching too much porn and hentai.

  6. Everyone's tasks are complete, the day is over, everyone goes to sleep. Night night.

  7. because i dont like your stuff btw im a girl stupid

  8. I'M JEALOUS! That really is the biggest flex - playing it before it suddenly blew up. I wanted to be a part of that :(

  9. I didn't read it either when I started playing. I watched a few YT videos before, but I'm sure I would've figured it out on my own too, it's not that hard...

  10. Orange looking like Kenny. Amazing all of them

  11. I don't like that I'm literally doing this right now...

  12. Why did the *eometry Dash music start playin- in my head after readin- the title?

  13. I think tan being the new red in this game is not really a good thing...

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